Lee Tae-Vin, Cha Joo-Wan, Oh Min-Soo and Cha Woong-Ki in new BL K-drama

Actors Lee Tae-Vin, Cha Joo-Wan, Oh Min-Soo and Cha Woong-Ki have been confirmed for upcoming BL fantasy romance Love For Love’s Sake (literal title). The intriguing new K-drama is based on the popular web novel Love Supremacy Zone, written by Aquram and Hwacha.

The story will follow Tae Myung-Ha (played by Lee Tae-Vin), a 29-year-old man who plays an online game based on his favorite novel. He suddenly wakes up as the game’s main character, 19-year-old student Cha Yeo-Woon (Cha Joo-Wan). Myung-Ha is then given a mission: to help Yeo-Woon find happiness in the virtual world within 300 days.

Myung-Ha agrees, as Yeo-Woon is his favorite character, and someone he can relate to. Yeo-Woon’s backstory is that he grew up poor, but became a star athlete through dedication and hard work.

Lee Tae-Vin, Cha Joo-Wan, Oh Min-Soo and Cha Woong-Ki in new BL K-drama

A complicated romance

Oh Min-Soo plays an arrogant rich boy named Cheon Sang-Won. Sang-Won meets Myung-Ha and begins to have feelings for him. However, he is jealous of Yeo-Woon and of the time Myung-Ha spends helping him in the game. This leads to him attempting to sabotage Myung-Ha’s mission.

Former Boys Planet contestant Cha Woong-Ki plays the shy introvert Ahn Kyung-Hoon. He finds out about Myung-Ha’s mission, and becomes his helper within the game.

Expectations are high for this upcoming production, due to its unique fantasy aspect. The production team behind the K-drama released a statement saying: “Please look forward to the fresh chemistry between the actors who will help you find a true meaning of happiness through the show.”

Fans are looking forward to seeing Lee Tae-Vin’s performance in Love for Love’s Sake. The former MYTEEN singer has been in notable productions such as The Penthouse and 365: A Year Against Destiny. Love For Love’s Sake will also be the first BL production for Cha Joo-Wan, Oh Min-Soo and Cha Woong-Ki.

At the time of writing, there has been no confirmed release date for the K-drama. It is expected to air before the end of 2023.

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