NEWJEANS’ Beautiful Restriction OST for A Time Called You released

NEWJEANS have released their first OST track, the tender ballad Beautiful Restriction, from the upcoming K-drama A Time Called You. Their cover of the 1996 Kim Jong-Seo hit will be available on streaming sites Sept 1 at 6PM KST. A music video for the track shows scenes from the making of the time travel romance K-drama, which stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Jeon Yeo-Been and Kang Hoon.

A Time Called You centers around Jun-Hee (Jeon Yeo-Been), who is grappling with the loss of her boyfriend Yeon-Jun (Ahn Hyo-Seop). One day, she plays a mysterious cassette tape that transports her to 1998. She wakes up in the body of a high school girl named Min-Ju. She meets Si-Heon, who looks exactly like Yeon-Jun, and their friend In-Gyu (Kang Hoon).

NEWJEANS' Beautiful Restriction OST for A Time Called You released

The music video for the Beautiful Restriction OST offers glimpses of the three actors playing their high school-aged characters. We see them joking around on set while attending classes, playing basketball in school, and even hanging out together outside. We also get to see Jeon Yeo-Been and Ahn Hyo-Seop shooting scenes as Jun-Hee and Yeon-Jun, including one where the two almost kiss.

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Watch the video for NEWJEANS’ Beautiful Restriction OST from A Time Called You below:

Fans praise NEWJEANS’ Beautiful Restriction OST

The song has been praised by fans for its simple, nostalgic feel, and its arrangement that highlights NEWJEANS’ member’s vocals. Some of the comments left on YouTube include:

  • “Okay but NEWJEANS is the perfect choice for this drama’s OST. The nostalgic 90s vibe of the drama is similar to that of NEWJEANS’s style.”
  • “Love Hanni’s part but I’m mostly happy that Minji finally got more lines this time.”
  • “The voices, excuse me? NEWJEANS surprises you with each song, they sound so good and sweet, they have a huge future in OSTs. Bunnies fighting!”
  • “I love how they decided to showcase the OSTs with behind clips!! So glad they got NEWJEANS to do it because it really fits so well.”

Fans will be able to see how Beautiful Restriction fits into the K-drama when A Time Called You premieres on Netflix on Sept 8, 2023.

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