I’LL-IT Debut lineup announced, but not everyone is happy

The K-pop landscape is electrified with both anticipation and debate following the grand reveal of I’LL-IT’s final lineup. Orchestrated by industry giant HYBE BELIFT LAB, this new girl group was the centrepiece of the reality TV spectacle, R U Next?, which concluded its nail-biting season on September 1, 2023.

The group’s formation strategy was a unique amalgamation of fan-driven votes and executive choices. Specifically, a duo of members ascended through fan ballots, while the company handpicked the remaining quartet. This dual-method selection has sent fans on an emotional whirlwind. Although the final vote tallies were transparent, many fans voiced their discontent over the limited influence of their votes.

Making the cut were members like Wonhee and Youngseo, who were visibly moved and thankful for this life-changing opportunity. Minju, Iroha, Moka, and Yunah also joined the ranks, each expressing their heartfelt gratitude and commitment to their new roles in I’LL-IT.

HYBE BELIFT LAB's reality TV spectacle, R U Next? finalists Minju, Youngseo, Moka, Wonhee, Iroha and Yunah forms girl group I'LL-IT
(L-R from top) Meet the members of I’LL-IT: Minju, Youngseo, Moka, Wonhee, Iroha and Yunah.

Yet, the announcement wasn’t devoid of drama. The Twitterverse exploded with hashtags like #RUNext and #JusticeForJiwoo, as fans lamented the exclusion of popular trainees such as Jiwoo and Jeemin. Accusations of HYBE BELIFT LAB using a “rigged” system and unfairness towards international fans added fuel to the fire.

HYBE BELIFT LAB's reality TV spectacle, R U Next? sparks fan backlash on Twitterverse.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that every trainee in R U Next? possesses undeniable talent and potential. The harsh reality is that not everyone can debut in the cutthroat K-pop industry. The ensuing debate over the lineup’s fairness underscores the challenges of balancing fan engagement with corporate vision.