ITZY fans wish Lia well as she takes a break due to health issues

ITZY member Lia will be taking a temporary break from group performances and other promotion activities in an effort to recover her health. The news was announced by the group’s agency JYP Entertainment on Sept 2, 2023.

Lia was absent from ITZY’s performance on MBC’s Show! Music Core program, as well as the group’s fansign and video call activities today. JYP Entertainment said in a statement: “We have decided [that Lia will not] participate, considering the artist’s health as our top priority. We ask for your understanding.”

This is not the first time that Lia has been forced to skip group activities. Lia also sat out ITZY’s performance at the K-pop Super Live concert on Aug 11, reportedly on doctor’s orders. She managed to make a recovery in time to perform with her group mates at KCON LA 2023 on Aug 20.

ITZY fans wish Lia well as she takes a break due to health issues
Lia (far right) with her group at a performance earlier this week.

Fans hope Lia recovers soon

Fans immediately took to social media when the news broke, sending their best wishes to Lia and hoping for her speedy recovery. Over the past few weeks, fans noticed that Lia was displaying signs of discomfort and pain onstage during performances. Fans believed she had sustained an injury during dance rehearsals.

ITZY has been continuously performing as part of promotions for the group’s latest mini album KILL MY DOUBT. However, it is clear that Lia needed more time to recover fully.

Her absence has certainly been felt by fans. Several of them shared videos of ITZY’s Show! Music Core performance online, saying that ITZY “does not feel the same” with one member missing.

ITZY group mates show love for Lia

Shortly after wrapping up their activities today, ITZY members Chaeryeong, Ryujin, Yeji and Yuna shared several photos on social media. The photos showed group members posing together and with their fans, along with a heart emoji to represent Lia. It was to symbolize that while she could not be there in person, Lia’s love for the fans was still being represented.

ITZY fans wish Lia well as she takes a break due to health issues

The caption read: “Today’s CAKE stage ate MIDZY’s heart (feat. LoveLia) This summer was the best because ITZY & MIDZY were together (sic).”

ITZY fans wish Lia well as she takes a break due to health issues

During the 2023 World Scout Jamboree, ITZY members also shared photos of themselves, with an absent Lia represented by a strawberry emoji. Fans felt touched by the ‘StrawberryLia’ photos, as a way of showing that Lia was still there for them.


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