Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 12-13

Episode 12 – Partners

Episode 12 of Moving kicks off with Doo-Sik and Ju-Won perched on a Russian building’s terrace, gearing up for a high-stakes mission. Ju-Won assumes he’s a mere spectator until Doo-Sik takes the reins—literally. He grabs Ju-Won and they soar through the sky, much to Ju-Won’s vocal dismay. Seeing the straight-faced Ju-Won scream like a frightened child is quite hilarious. Upon landing, Doo-Sik unceremoniously drops Ju-Won, and they proceed to dismantle a mafia operation, rescuing their client, Mr Kang.

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 12 - Doo-Sik takes Ju-Won flying.
He ain’t heavy, He’s my partner.

From Russia to Hong Kong: A Meal and A Knife

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 12 - Doo-Sik and Ju-Won share a meal after a mission.

The action transitions to China, where the duo celebrates their mission success with a hearty meal of dumplings. Here, Doo-Sik loans Ju-Won his late father’s knife to remove a stuck bullet from his arm, a symbolic gesture of trust and partnership.

The Night of Betrayals: Mi-Hyun’s Dilemma

The narrative then shifts to a night where Doo-Sik visits Mi-Hyun. Their intimate moment is interrupted by officials who arrest Doo-Sik. Ju-Won, his loyal partner, is barred from accompanying him. A flashback reveals Mi-Hyun’s role in Doo-Sik’s capture, a move orchestrated by Doo-Sik himself to protect her.

The Confrontation: Doo-Sik vs. Director Min

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 12 - Doo-Sik takes Director Kim hostage.

Inside Director Min’s office, tensions reach a boiling point. Accusations of betrayal fly, culminating in a chaotic showdown. Doo-Sik takes the audacious step of shooting at Mi-Hyun, only for Ju-Won to intercept the bullet. This act reveals another layer of Doo-Sik’s intricate plan to protect those he loves.

The Aftermath: New Lives and Hidden Powers

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 12 - Look Ma, I can fly!

Time leaps forward, showing Doo-Sik and Mi-Hyun living a tranquil life with their son, Bong-Seok, who inherits his father’s flying abilities. Their peaceful existence is shattered when Director Min reclaims his position and orders Doo-Sik’s capture. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with a mysterious figure tracking Mi-Hyun and Bong-Seok.

Episode 12 explores the complexities of loyalty, love, and the lengths to which people will go to protect those they care about. It also leaves viewers with lingering questions about Ju-Won’s fate and his life with Ji-Hee setting the stage for the next episode.

Episode 13 – Jang Ju-Won

The episode centres around Ju-Won’s life after Doo-Sik’s disappearance and the dissolution of the Black ops team. Now working in general affairs, Ju-Won grapples with office life, including his lack of computer skills. Despite the challenges, he perseveres to provide for his wife, Ji-Hee.

A Marriage Tested

During a monthly barbecue dinner, Ju-Won’s emotional vulnerability surfaces. He confesses to Ji-Hee that he feels worthless, to which she reassures him of his value to her. The next day, Ju-Won contemplates resigning but decides against it due to housing concerns.

The Return to Action: A New Mission

Mr. Min reappears, offering Ju-Won a chance to rejoin the Black ops team. Ju-Won accepts, motivated by Ji-Hee’s support. He is then assigned to assist the South Korean military in neutralizing North Korean infiltrators. During the operation, he encounters Rae-Hyuk, a fellow Black ops agent with dubious loyalties.

The Battle and Betrayal: A Twisted Turn of Events

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 13 - Ju-Won confronts the slimy Rae-Hyuk.

Rae-Hyuk reveals the presence of a superpowered North Korean agent, setting the stage for an intense showdown. Ju-Won’s heroism shines through as he rushes to save his comrades, but tragedy strikes, leaving him disheartened.

New Faces, Old Enemies: The Black Ops Reformation

Director Min introduces three new superhumans to the team, all of whom were previously killed by Frank in earlier episodes. One of the members decides to provoke Ju-Won who stands his ground signaling his resilience and determination.

The Emotional Climax: Family Matters

Ji-Hee opens up about her dreams of motherhood, leading to an intimate moment between the couple. A time skip reveals they now have a daughter, Hee-Soo, who inherits Ju-Won’s superpowers. Tragically, Ji-Hee passes away, leaving Ju-Won devastated but resolute in his promise to protect their daughter.

Stealing the show

Kwak Sun-Young warrants particular recognition for her poignant portrayal of the ill-fated Ji-Hee. Her exceptional performance, especially when paired with Ryu Seung-Ryong, has made viewers emotionally invested in Ji-Hee’s character in just a couple of episodes. This emotional connection amplifies the devastating impact of her untimely demise.   

Ryu Seung-Ryong steals the show with his nuanced portrayal of Ju-Won. Whether it’s the high-octane action scenes or the tender moments with Ji-Hee, his performance is a masterclass in versatility. His ability to evoke a range of emotions—from fierce determination to heartbreaking vulnerability—makes him and this episode stand out.

The episode ends at Ji-Hee’s funeral with a heartbroken Ju-Won. It leaves viewers wondering what Ju-Won will do next to protect his daughter and fulfil his late wife’s wishes. With Doo-Sik and Mi-Hyun still missing, Ju-Won’s journey is far from over, and the stakes have never been higher.

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