NEWJEANS’ Haerin dazzles with catlike allure at Dior Event

NEWJEANS’ Haerin recently stole the spotlight at a Dior event, and it’s not hard to see why. With her hair styled in the trendy “sesame leaf” fashion and a structured pink dress adorned with pearl buttons, she was the epitome of youthful elegance. The dress struck the perfect balance between conservative and girly, making her stand out even more. Dior named Haerin a house ambassador for jewellery, fashion and beauty in April.

But what really caught everyone’s attention was her makeup. Focused on coral tones and accentuated by long lashes, her eyes exuded a catlike magnetism that camera phones just couldn’t resist capturing. Her Lady Dior bag with a vibrant floral print added a fun, colorful touch to her look.

Netizens were quick to praise Haerin’s amazing visuals, describing her as a “princess” and a “baby kitten.” The luxurious fabrics and high-end accessories only amplified her already stunning appearance. Comments like “She’s like a princess from kkoyangie” and “Wow, she’s really like a baby kitty princess” flooded social media platforms.

Haerin’s presence at the Dior event was nothing short of royal. She may have been one of the youngest celebrities in attendance, but she certainly didn’t come to play. Her “luxury feline” aura left an indelible impression, making her the official “kitty cat” of K-pop, at least for the day.

The Dior event not only showcased Haerin’s fashion sense but also highlighted her ability to captivate an audience. Haerin is quickly growing in influence in both the K-pop and fashion worlds. As Haerin continues to impress, it’s clear she’ll remain the centre of attention.

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