STRAY KIDS rock Nagoya after resuming 5-Star Japan Dome tour

STRAY KIDS have restarted their highly-anticipated 5-Star Dome Tour in Japan with a sold out performance at the Nagoya Dome. The boys performed their biggest hits off their latest album 5-Star, including their mega hit S-Class. The tour originally began in Fukuoka in mid-August, and will continue with performances in Osaka and Tokyo.

Fans who attended the concert began sharing photos of the crowd on social media, showing how packed the venue was. Many took it as a sign of the group’s increasing popularity in the region, bolstered by their recent chart successes.

STRAY KIDS rock Nagoya after resuming 5-Star Japan Dome tour

During the concert, member Hyunjin stole the show with a touching message for his parents, who were at the venue. He said: “Are you watching me? Me and STRAY KIDS are doing a dome tour! I’ll work hard to be a son you can be proud of.”

Fans shared videos of the interaction on social media, praising Hyunjin for wanting to share the moment with his family.

STRAY KIDS rock Nagoya after resuming 5-Star Japan Dome tour

STRAY KIDS also performed Social Path, their recent Japanese single featuring singer LiSA. The song is a pre-release off their Social Path/Super Bowl EP, which drops on Sept 6, 2023. It marks their first official foray into the Japanese market.

The lyrics of Social Path offer a message of hope, as the members sing about persevering despite the challenges facing them. 

STRAY KIDS on a roll

The successful start to the 5-Star Dome Tour is just the latest achievement for STRAY KIDS. The group recently became only the second K-pop group to spend 12 weeks in the top 100 of the Billboard 200 charts, after BTS.

STRAY KIDS will also be performing their hit S-Class onstage at the 2023 MTV VMAs on Sept 12. The group is also up for the Best K-pop award this year, their second nomination in that category since 2022.

With their ongoing tour of Japan, it’s clear that STRAY KIDS are well on their way to becoming one of the most successful K-pop groups of the year. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead for them!

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