Inkigayo 030923 – NEWJEANS #1 again + performances by NCT U, JEON SOMI and more

The SBS’ Inkigayo stage was a marvel of K-pop shine this week, featuring a lineup of the industry’s most adored idols. Each act delivered awe-inspiring performances that left the audience entertained.

NCT U’s Triumphant Return with Baggy Jeans

The atmosphere was electric as NCT U staged their much-awaited comeback, with Baggy Jeans. Decked out in ’90s-inspired fashion, the group’s intricate choreography and pitch-perfect vocals set a new standard for what fans can look forward to from them in the future.

Baekho’s Elevator Takes You to New Heights

Baekho wowed the Inkigayo audience with his dynamic rendition of Elevator. His robust vocals and high-energy choreography had the crowd on their feet, making it a performance to remember.

H1-KEY’s Ode to Seoul

H1-KEY’s heartfelt tribute to Seoul through their song SEOUL (Such a Beautiful City) was a show-stealer. The quartet—Seoi, Riina, Hwiseo, and Yel—delivered an emotionally charged performance that echoed with everyone.

Lee Chan Won Gets Everyone Twisting

Lee Chan Won, the trot singer and TV host, changed the Inkigayo stage into a dance floor with his infectious tune Twist Go Go. His charm and energy had everyone, including other artists, twisting to the beat.

Vanner’s Performer Steals the Show

Vanner turned the Inkigayo stage into their own playground, performing their hit Performer to ecstatic applause. Each member showcased their unique flair, proving they’re a force to be reckoned with.

cignature Sails Smoothly

cignature’s Smooth Sailing was a visual feast. Dressed in chic school uniforms, the girls brought a youthful energy that had fans singing along.

JEON SOMI’s Golden Moment

JEON SOMI delighted the audience with her hit Gold Gold Gold, proving why she’s one of K-pop’s rising stars. Her performance was a perfect blend of visual and musical artistry.

NEWJEANS Clinches #1 Spot

But the night belonged to NEWJEANS, who nailed the #1 spot with their latest hit ETA, outshining Parc Jae-Jung and LE SSERAFIM. This marks their second consecutive Inkigayo win, solidifying their status as K-pop’s hottest act.

The episode was a grand celebration of K-pop’s finest, with each act contributing to an amazing evening. Mark your calendars for the next episode; you won’t want to miss it.

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