A Time Called You director reveals what made him choose the cast

Director Kim Jin-Won was full of praise for the cast of upcoming K-drama A Time Called You, raising expectations ahead of its Netflix premiere. The director, renowned for projects like My Country: The New Age, Rain or Shine, and The Innocent Man, embraced the opportunity to helm A Time Called You. His decision was fueled by a deep connection with the original story. He also enjoyed the intricate emotional journeys of the characters, and the intriguing narrative.

Speaking to Netflix, Director Kim said he was drawn to the emotional arcs of the characters. He added: “Most importantly, the story kept me curious about what followed next.”

The plot promises a unique blend of time travel, heart-wrenching romance, and gripping mystery, set across 1998 and 2023. To execute this vision for A Time Called You, Director Kim Jin-Won’s meticulous attention to detail came to the fore.

He spoke about the challenges of seamlessly transitioning between different timelines and genres. This included creating shots that bridged the gaps without causing any disruptions in the storytelling flow.

A Time Called You director reveals what made him choose the cast
Director Kim Jin-Won (far right) with the cast at the series press conference in Seoul. – www.twitter.com/@netflixkcontent

In building the characters, Director Kim worked closely with the talented cast. The drama stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Jeon Yeo-Been, and Kang Hoon. Both Ahn Hyo-Seop and Jeon Yeo-Been play two sets of characters living across different timelines.

Director Kim wanted to establish clear distinctions between characters in various timelines and emotional arcs. At the same time, he wanted the two storylines to meld into the overarching narrative. It was a delicate balance that he meticulously orchestrated.

Praise for the stars

Ahn Hyo-seop, who takes on the dual roles of Goo Yeon-Jun and Nam Si-Heon, shared Director Kim’s enthusiasm for the project. Director Kim commended Ahn Hyo-seop’s ability to embody the multifaceted emotions of his characters. “I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Yeon-Jun and Si-Heon,” he said. Director Kim explained he needed an actor with “a wide range of deep and serious emotions”, along with “boyish charm.”

Ahn Hyo Seop as Nam Si-Heon

He also lauded Jeon Yeo-Been’s performance as contrasting characters Han Ju-Hee and Kwon Min-Ju. Director Kim was impressed by her dedication to fully embracing each character’s essence. “She can deliver a ‘raw’ performance that has such explosive energy and instantly evokes a myriad of emotions,” he said. “She was incredibly focused on transforming herself fully into Min-Ju and Jun-Hee.”

Jeon Yeo Been as Kwon Min Ju

As for Kang Hoon, who plays Jung In-Gyu, Director Kim says his casting was a no-brainer. “The moment Kang Hoon read the first line during the audition, we decided he was In-gyu,” he said. “I was reading the lines of his counterpart when he read his lines and made me go, ‘Whoa’. When I looked up, everyone in the room, including the writer, had this look that essentially said, ‘This is In-gyu’.”

Kang Hoon as Jung In-Gyu

Director Kim Jin-Won’s final remarks centered on the incredible chemistry among the cast. “All three actors were genuinely dedicated to this project,” he said. “They would have different interpretations of certain scenes, but [talked] with each other and exchanged ideas to work towards a common goal.” He marveled at how the actors’ different interpretations of scenes enhanced the collaborative process.

Director Kim’s confidence in the cast’s dedication and performance shines through, setting high expectations for the K-drama. A Time Called You premieres on Netflix on Sept 8, 2023

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