Actors Baek Jin-Hee and Yoon Hyun-Min split after 7 years together

Korean actors Baek Jin-Hee and Yoon Hyun-Min have split after dating for 7 years, according to a news report published today. The report quoted a friend of the couple saying that their busy work schedules contributed to their breakup. Rumors of the split first emerged last month, after the couple were noticed to be spending more time apart.

The two actors had been dating since working together on the 2015 MBC production My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol. Their performances resulted in a nomination for Best Couple at that year’s MBS Drama Awards. Shortly afterwards, they were revealed to be dating in real life.

The news was met with sadness by fans. Many had hoped that the two would eventually tie the knot, as they had been together for so long.

According to a friend of the former couple, the two actors were now “rooting for each other as colleagues”. The friend also hoped that fans would continue to support them and offer them words of encouragement.

More about the former couple

Since starring together in My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol, the two actors have seen their careers take off.

Yoon Hyun-Min went on to star in a variety of K-drama series, including The Good Wife, A Beautiful Mind and Tunnel. He also received praise for his performance in the 2017 drama Witch At Court. Ironically, the drama earned him an award for Best Couple with co-star Jung Ryeo-Won at the KBS Drama Awards.

International viewers first took notice of him in the 2020 Netflix romance drama My Holo Love. He can currently be seen in the ENA drama Bo-ra! Deborah, which is streaming internationally on Prime Video.

Baek Jin-Hee has starred in K-dramas including the thriller Missing 9, and romance dramas like Jugglers and Feel Good To Die. She is currently starring in the emotional KBS K-drama The Real Has Come! alongside Ahn Jae-Hyun, Cha Joo-Young and Jung Eui-Jae.

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