Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 4-6

In Episode 4 of Behind Your Touch, the stakes are higher than ever with Jang-Yeol is on a mission to climb the ranks. He sees Ye-Bun’s unique psychic abilities as his shortcut back to Seoul. However, his aggressive push for her to undergo hand-strengthening exercises backfires, causing her psychic powers to wane temporarily.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 4 - Jang-Yeol forces Ye0Bun to train her hands.

Meanwhile, Ye-Bun finds an unexpected confidant in Sun-Woo, a convenience store worker with a mysterious past. During a late-night outing, they share heartfelt stories about their late mothers, forming a bond that goes beyond mere friendship. Sun-Woo even hints at having feelings for someone, leading Ye-Bun to believe it might be her.

Trouble in a small town

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 4 - Streamer Sia is destined to meet a terrible end.

Ye-Bun attempts to delve into Sun-Woo’s memories with her powers but fails. This adds another layer of intrigue to the unfolding drama. At the hospital, Sia, a streamer, starts broadcasting her situation to solicit donations, while Detective Jang-Mook gets admitted after a brutal encounter with criminal Ted Chang. The criminal is eventually arrested, and Jang-Mook, along with Detectives Mi-Ran and Dok-Hee, receives praise. However, Jang-Yeol misses out on the fame of solving Ted Chang’s case as he was busy rescuing Sia.

Frustrated, Jang-Yeol insists that Ye-Bun assist him in solving cases to expedite his return to Seoul. Despite her protests about her delicate hands, he pushes her into rigorous training, which leads to her psychic abilities weakening. When she tries to read a dog’s memories, her vision blurs, confirming her fears.

A missing document

In a twist of fate, Jang-Yeol lands a high-profile case involving a stolen donor list for Assemblyman Cha a member of the National Assembly of Mujin City. Believing this could be his ticket back to Seoul, he rushes to consult Ye-Bun, only to discover her diminished powers. Undeterred, he buys hand-care products to help restore her abilities. During this time, Ok-hee, who secretly harbours feelings for Jang-Yeol, joins the scene. Ye-Bun successfully reads Ok-hee’s emotions but chooses to keep them a secret.

The episode concludes with a shocking revelation: Ye-Bun’s grandfather is the one who stole the donor list. As she grapples with this moral dilemma, the episode takes a dark turn with the murder of Sia, setting the stage for more drama and suspense in the episodes to come.

Episode 5 of Behind Your Touch opens with the chilling murder of Sia, setting the tone for the narrative that follows. Cut to the Mujin police station, where tensions are high as protestors squabble over the origins of a recent altercation. Jang-Yeol, visibly frustrated, grapples with his inability to crack the case.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 5 - Streamer Sia is murdered.

Meanwhile, Ye-Bun stumbles upon the missing donor list hidden in her grandfather’s room. When confronted by Jang-Yeol, she opts for silence, unwilling to implicate her grandfather. Later, she discreetly returns the list to the assemblyman’s office, only to be caught by her grandfather. Their ensuing conversation leads to more unanswered questions. The case is abruptly closed the next day when the missing document resurfaces, leaving Jang-Yeol irate and disillusioned.

A new case lands on Jang-Yeol’s desk: a missing fish finder. The prime suspect is Ali, an Arabic man employed by Dok-Hee’s father. Eager to solve the case, Jang-Yeol enlists Ye-Bun’s psychic assistance. However, Ye-Bun has a condition—she insists they first find the individual responsible for burying a dog alive.

Pamper me, Jang-Yeol

Joined by Sun-Woo, the trio embarks on a quest for justice. Believing that self-care will amplify her psychic abilities, Ye-Bun indulges in a regimen funded by Jang-Yeol, including nail care, vitamin supplements, and even a ring. Their efforts bear fruit when they apprehend the perpetrator. Ye-Bun then uses her powers on Ali, uncovering a cryptic conversation in Arabic.

Unfamiliar with the language, Ye-Bun undertakes an intensive Arabic course taught by Sun-Woo. Upon mastering the language, she deciphers Ali’s conversation and learns of his ailing mother. Their investigation leads them to a hidden location frequented by Ali, where they are ambushed and thrown into the sea. Miraculously, Ali rescues them, leading to a confrontation where Jang-Yeol single-handedly subdues the assailants.

The episode concludes with Ali’s arrest, despite his apology to Dok-Hee’s parents. In a haunting final scene, fishermen discover an earring in the water, jokingly suggesting the presence of a corpse nearby. The camera then reveals Sia’s decomposed body washed ashore …

Episode 6 kicks off with the women of Mujin confronting the local police station with complaints about a mysterious underwear thief. Initially brushed aside, the issue gains traction as the number of complaints escalates.

Jang-Yeol receives a tip from a Seoul-based colleague about a murder connected to the infamous criminal Baek. Eager to bring Baek to justice but constrained by the criminal’s clout and insufficient evidence, Jang-Yeol tricks Ye-Bun to accompany him to Seoul. Utilizing her psychic prowess, she uncovers that Baek has diversified his criminal portfolio by investing in a fleet of fishing boats—a revelation that Jang-Yeol weaponizes to send a bone-chilling message to Baek.

Back in Mujin, Ye-Bun seeks counsel from Gwang-Sik about the nature of their psychic abilities and the ethical implications of their use. Despite her best efforts, she remains unable to tap into Sun-Woo’s memories during a casual convenience store visit. Concurrently, Jang-Yeol spearheads an overnight operation to apprehend the elusive underwear thief. Though they manage to corner him, the thief eludes capture, injuring Jang-Yeol in the process.

Smoke and mirrors

Undaunted, Jang-Yeol orchestrates another night of vigilance, this time bolstered by a cadre of women, organized by Ok-hee. Among them is Da-Eun’s brother, who emerges as a linchpin in the operation. The chase culminates in a secluded location where Jang-Yeol confronts Seung-Gil, a childhood friend now aligned with Baek. Ye-Bun, who had been tailing Jang-Yeol, witnesses the shocking moment when Seung-Gil stabs him.

The episode takes an emotional detour when Ye-Bun discloses to Jang-Yeol that Seung-Gil had intentionally avoided a fatal blow, ostensibly to protect him from Baek’s vengeance. Just as they are processing this emotional bombshell, a critically wounded Seung-Gil stumbles into the room.

Despite Ye-Bun’s frantic attempt to delve into his memories, Seung-Gil succumbs before divulging his ultimate secret, leaving Jang-Yeol shattered.

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