BTS’s Philanthropic Journey: A Timeline of Love, Generosity, and Global Impact

Beyond their global musical acclaim, BTS has been making headlines for their philanthropic endeavours. The group, along with their label Big Hit Entertainment, has been consistently involved in charitable acts both as a group and individually. Here’s a chronological look at their altruistic milestones.

In 2017, BTS and Big Hit Entertainment donated 100 million Korean won (around US$85,000) to the Sewol Ferry Disaster 416 Family Council. This is a response to the tragic 2014 MV Sewol ferry accident that claimed 250 young lives.

That same year, BTS initiated the LOVE MYSELF campaign in collaboration with UNICEF. By 2021, this global initiative had amassed nearly US$3 million through various channels, including direct donations and album sales. The partnership with UNICEF was renewed in 2021 with an additional US$1 million contribution.

BTS's Philanthropic Journey - LOVE MYSELF campaign in collaboration with UNICEF

Fast forward to 2019, Jin joined UNICEF’s Honors Club after his donations exceeded 100 million Korean won (approximately US$88,000). In the same year, RM, the group’s leader, generously donated to Seoul Samsun School, aiding music education for hearing-impaired students.

Also in 2019, Jimin contributed 100 million Korean won to the Metropolitan City Office of Education in Busan, his hometown. This donation aimed to assist low-income families with student lunch money and other essentials.

Amid the 2020 global protests against systemic racism, BTS and Big Hit Entertainment donated US$1 million to the Black Lives Matter movement. This inspired the BTS Army to launch a #MatchAMillion campaign, successfully raising another US$1 million.

BTS's Philanthropic Journey - Black Lives Matter

A helping hand during the Pandemic

In 2020, BTS demonstrated their commitment to the music industry by donating $1 million to Live Nation’s Crew Nation campaign. This initiative aimed to financially support backstage crew and live entertainment staff hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The entertainment industry was one of the hardest-hit sectors. Countless events, including concerts, were cancelled or postponed to ensure public safety.

The was impactful as it directly aided the crew scheduled for BTS’s concerts, which were cancelled due to the pandemic.

For the Children

On March 11, 2021, BTS’s Suga celebrated his 28th birthday by donating US$88,000 to Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center in Daegu. His gift aimed to bring smiles to children who couldn’t afford proper medical care.

“I wanted to help children who are unable to receive proper treatment due to financial constraints so that they can become healthy and bright,” Suga said in a statement.

Just two months later, J-Hope donated over US$89,000 to ChildFund Korea, supporting the One Stop Center in Tanzania, East Africa.

In a heartfelt gesture, BTS’s Suga chose to celebrate his birthday in 2023, in a truly meaningful way. NGO Save the Children announced that Suga generously donated 100 million won to provide emergency relief in Turkey and Syria. These regions recently experienced devastating damage due to a record-breaking earthquake.

He expressed his deep condolences to the survivors and victims of the earthquake, stating, “So many children and families have suffered great damage from this earthquake. I send my condolences to the survivors and victims. I hope that this becomes at least a bit of help to children affected by the earthquake and hope this [donation] is used to provide relief goods for children.”

In April 2023, BTS’s Jungkook donated ₩100 billion to the Seoul National University Children’s Hospital. His goal was to bring relief and happiness to children from low-income households.

“I hope my donation can be a bit of a help to children in danger, and I hope children can smile happy,” Jungkook said in a press release.

Kindness runs in the family

The circle of kindness doesn’t stop with BTS; their families are also involved in touching acts of philanthropy.

In February 2022, J-Hope’s mother reached out to Yeonjoo Glass to sponsor renovations for a struggling dog shelter. This further extends the family’s circle of kindness.

Most recently, Jimin‘s father has been a beacon of hope in Busan, donating food to low-income households for the past three years according to Allkpop.

These charitable acts by BTS and their families have not only made a tangible impact on various communities but have also set an inspiring example for their fans and the world at large.

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