FIFTY FIFTY 2.0? Attrakt announces auditions for new girl group

Attrakt has announced that it will hold auditions for a new girl group project, with fans hoping for a newer, better version of FIFTY FIFTY. The news was announced through a new Instagram account created specially for the project. Further details regarding the auditions are expected to be announced soon.

It had long been suspected that Attrakt would move to form a new girl group. Before things soured between them, FIFTY FIFTY were seen as a financial success thanks to their viral hit Cupid.

Until recently, the two parties were engaged in a legal battle. In May, FIFTY FIFTY filed an injunction against Attrakt, claiming the company had violated their contract. Group members Sio, Keena, Saena, and Aran alleged that Attrakt CEO Jun Hong-Joon abused them emotionally and mentally. They also accused the company of financial mismanagement.

On Aug 28, 2023, a judge dismissed FIFTY FIFTY’s injunction against the company, saying the group had failed to prove the claims. FIFTY FIFTY have appealed the decision, while Attrakt announced they will file a countersuit. attrakt_audition

Netizens support Attrakt

Korean netizens have unanimously supported Attrakt throughout the legal dispute, seeing the group as “ungrateful” for turning on the agency. An attempt by the group to tell their side of the story through the investigative program Unanswered Questions was largely dismissed. Tabloid news agency Dispatch later released reports debunking some of the claims made on the program.

Attrakt also received a financial boost following the dismissal of the lawsuit. Last week, the company announced it had secured investments from several overseas companies looking to fund their next music group.

Following the announcement of the planned auditions, music fans responded warmly towards Attrakt. Many voiced hopes that Attrakt would have “learnt from their experience” with FIFTY FIFTY and be more careful when managing the new group.

Several also took the opportunity to chide FIFTY FIFTY, saying that the news proved that the group were “replaceable”.

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