Fans amused by debut emcee record of SUPER JUNIOR’s Leeteuk

SUPER JUNIOR member Leeteuk is gaining attention for being SM Entertainment’s go-to emcee whenever the company debuts a new group. The OG boy group member was the emcee during RIIZE’s debut on Sept 4, 2023, and a fan pointed out how he was also present when F(X), EXO, NCT and AESPA debuted.

The fan shared their observation on X (formerly Twitter) together with a compilation of Leeteuk’s ‘appearances’ over the years. The post drew plenty of attention from other fans, who were also amused by Leeteuk’s ‘record’ as a debut emcee. The original post has since gone viral, with over 13.3K likes at the time of writing.

One person pointed out how Leeteuk was a ‘witness’ to the introduction of different generations of SM rookies, calling it “precious”. Another said that since the other groups all became “the best” idol groups, Leeteuk’s presence would guarantee the same for RIIZE.

Legendary emcee Leeteuk

Besides being an idol himself with SUPER JUNIOR, Leeteuk does indeed have a reputation as a popular emcee and TV host. Over the years, he has fronted a wide range of television events, beginning with M! Countdown in 2005. He then followed up with hosting jobs on Strong Heart, Star King and Idol Star Athletics Championships.

He is also one of the original hosts of singing reality show I Can See Your Voice, across all ten seasons of the program. He also hosted the cooking show The Best Cooking Secrets for three years until 2020.

Leeteuk, Saerom, Kim Jaehwan and Kep1er on Let Me Know K-pop
Leeteuk (kneeling, center) on Let Me Know K-pop! –

His most recent high-profile emceeing job took place this April. Leeteuk hosted the Japanese TV program Let Me Know K-pop! alongside FROMIS9’s Lee Saerom and Kim Jae-Hwan.

Leeteuk has also continued to perform with SUPER JUNIOR, joining his group mates during their Super Show 9: Road tour.

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