Park Gyu-Young Becomes a Dog After a Kiss in A Good Day To Be a Dog

Fantasy romance drama, A Good Day to Be a Dog, has released captivating new posters that are turning heads. Adapted from a hit webtoon by Lee-Hye the drama centres on Han Hae-Na, played by Park Gyu-Young who morphs into a dog whenever she shares a kiss with a man. The only one who can lift this unique curse is a man who has a deep-rooted fear of dogs!

Co-starring in this enchanting tale is ASTRO’s Cha Eun-Woo, who portrays Jin Seo-Won—a brilliant and good-looking high school math teacher with a canine phobia. Park Gyu-Young’s character, Han Hae-Na, appears to be a successful and attractive educator, but her life takes an unexpected twist when she kisses Jin Seo-Won, activating her peculiar transformation.

Creative posters

The teaser materials for the drama include a signboard warning, “Beware of the Dog,” set against a mystical purple backdrop. Accompanying this is a sketch of a charming puppy, along with the text, “Caution! It’s Lovable!”—serving as an enticing introduction to the drama’s debut.

Another eye-catching poster showcases Han Hae-Na’s doggy persona, affectionately named Gae-Na (“Gae” translates to dog in Korean). She sits in a laundry basket with one paw casually hanging over the edge. Her eyes twinkle as if she’s about to share a secret. The caption overhead, “I am probably the most unfortunate woman in the world,” is hilarious. It also alludes to the complex backstory of Han Hae-Na’s involuntary transformation into a dog.

Don’t miss the premiere of A Good Day to Be a Dog, scheduled for October 11 at 9 p.m. KST. Stay tuned to for more updates! Until then, do check out our previous articles on this upcoming series: