RIIZE’s debut makes waves, while Sungchan faces Controversy

On September 4, RIIZE, SM Entertainment’s first male group in almost ten years, launched their debut single Get a Guitar. Not only did they focus the spotlight on their musical debut, but they also revealed their official fan club name, SUNZ.

RIIZE also took to social media to share this exciting news. The post, which reads, “SUNZ, who will always make RIIZE shine brightly from the same place and mature together with RIIZE, please continue to show great support for RIIZE,” is a heartfelt message that encapsulates the essence of the fandom name.

During the event’s Q&A session, RIIZE’s Wonbin addressed the pressure of sharing his name with South Korea’s renowned actor Won Bin. “It’s a name my parents chose with love, so I’ll work hard with confidence,” he stated.

(Left) Won Bin the actor and RIIZE’s Wonbin

Backlash over Sushi

Sungchan and Shotaro from RIIZE

In a separate development, RIIZE’s Sungchan recently stirred the pot on social media. During a fan interaction, he initially expressed a preference for sushi over pizza but quickly retracted, leading to a social media uproar, particularly among Japanese fans.

The comment didn’t sit well with some Japanese fans, who took to social media to express their disappointment. The presence of Shotaro, RIIZE’s fellow Japanese member, further complicated the situation during the interaction. Critics argued that Sungchan’s comment was disrespectful, especially considering that Shotaro was present at the time. The incident has been compared to a previous “Sushi Land” comment, adding fuel to the fire.

The Defense

On the flip side, many fans and netizens have come to Sungchan’s defence, arguing that his comment was merely an expression of caution, possibly related to concerns about food safety. Some even pointed out that Shotaro himself might share similar reservations. The discourse has expanded to include broader issues, such as environmental concerns related to wastewater discharge, further muddying the waters.

The incident spotlights the complexities of public opinion in today’s digital age. Even a seemingly innocuous comment can escalate into a major controversy, highlighting the need for celebrities to tread cautiously in our culturally diverse world.

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