Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 7-8

Episode 7 of Behind Your Touch opens with a somber atmosphere, following Seung-Gil’s death. This event sets off a cascade of interconnected relationships and clandestine affairs. Despite Ye-Bun’s protests, Jang-Yeol confronts Baek, accusing him of murder. Ye-Bun’s unique psychic ability reveals Baek’s innocence, but both men find themselves arrested due to an anonymous tip.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 7 - Jang-Yeol confronts the gangster Baek.

Jong-Mook visits Jang-Yeol in a holding cell and presents evidence that suggests Seung-Gil’s death might not have been premeditated. Jang-Yeol discloses that he has an inside source, fueling Jong-Mook’s curiosity about Ye-Bun’s relationship with Jang-Yeol—a connection she firmly denies.

The following day, Ye-Bun probes Ok-Hui about her feelings for Jang-Yeol, discovering that he doesn’t intimidate her like most men. Jang-Yeol, still haunted by Seung-Gil’s death, seeks Ye-Bun’s assistance, arousing Ok-Hui’s suspicions.

Searching high and low

The duo investigates the crime scene, where their only potential witnesses are infant crows. Despite their efforts, they find no conclusive evidence. During their search, Ye-Bun recalls a memory of a figure in a raincoat stabbing Seung-Gil. However, they later realize that many townspeople own similar raincoats, complicating their investigation.

Ye-Bun spots Hyun-Ok using a knife identical to the one in her vision, but it turns out to be a common household item. Jang-Yeol concludes that the murderer is likely a local resident.

Meanwhile, Ye-Bun examines a puppy who witnessed another murder, leading to a police investigation that uncovers similar stab wounds on another victim, Sia.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 7 - Ye-Bun discovers Sia's body.

Jang-Yeol interviews Sia’s acquaintances, while Jong-Mook investigates her past suicide attempt. The town’s suspicions escalate, believing the murders are connected. Ye-Bun’s brief romantic moment with Sun-Woo is interrupted when he notices Hyun-ok.

The next day, the town decides to hold a rite to ward off further killings. During the rite, Mr Park becomes possessed, claiming that the killer is among them, before collapsing.

Episode 8 of Behind Your Touch resumes with the ritual ceremony, where Mr Park collapses after a brief possession by spirits. Jong-Mook injures his ankle amid the chaos, and Kwang-shik rushes to assist him. Mr Park awakens at home, attended by Sun-Woo, but has no memory of the eerie event. Concurrently, Ok-Hui finds herself enamoured with Da-Eun’s brother, while her feelings for Jang-Yeol sour.

Confused by her fluctuating emotions, Ok-Hui seeks advice from Ye-Bun, who humorously suggests she might be unwell. Their conversation is interrupted by Jang-Yeol, who persuades Ye-Bun to continue her unique psychic investigations, albeit with the added protection of a motorcycle helmet.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 8 - Ye-bun wears a crash helmet.

In a parallel storyline, Dr. Jung hands out flyers for Cha Ju-Man and unexpectedly runs into his former son-in-law, sparking a cryptic conversation. Meanwhile, Mr Park ominously hints at another looming incident but remains tight-lipped about the details.

Hyun-Ok’s ex-husband reappears, claims sobriety, and asks for a second chance, but she rejects him because she has emotionally moved on. The episode takes a dark turn when Ae-Ran, becomes the latest victim of a serial killer. Her coworker reports the disappearance to Jang-Yeol, sharing a sad and touching backstory that had Ye-Bun in tears.

Ye-Bun, still sporting her motorcycle helmet, offers condolences and vows to find Ae-Ran. Her promise gains credibility when Mr. Park’s forewarning of another disappearance comes true, attracting a crowd to his shop.

Ye-Bun and Sun-Woo go on a romantic ride

A subplot unfolds as Ye-Bun joins Sun-Woo on a bike ride to his workshop. Jang-Yeol spots them and is visibly irked. Inside the workshop, Sun-Woo shows his woodworking prowess. Ye-Bun steps out to answer a call from Jang-Yeol and lies about her whereabouts, only to be caught in the act.

Jong-Mook plays the hero when he rescues Hyun-Ok from her ex-husband, leading to a comical hospital visit. The investigation into Ae-Ran’s disappearance takes Ye-Bun and Jang-Yeol to Mujin Coffee Shop, where they encounter a series of awkward and comical moments, including a mistaken butt-touch and a keychain that adds Sun-Woo to their list of suspects.

Ye-Bun and Jang-Yeol discover blood and a knife at a crime scene, and security footage confirms it’s Ae-Ran’s. They confront Kwang-Shik, who reveals himself to be psychic as well.

The duo tracks Kwang-Shik to the Mujin Industrial Plant, where they find Ae-Ran hiding. Her disappearance was a ruse to escape debt. The episode closes with a jaw-dropping revelation: another psychic individual was present during the meteor shower that granted Ye-Bun and Kwang-Shik their abilities.

Episode 8 skillfully weaves suspense, humour, and shocking revelations, eager to find out what comes next. Han Ji-Min has made the role of Ye-Bun her own and is a delight to watch whenever she is on screen while Lee Min-Ki’s straight-faced and serious Jang-Yeol is the perfect foil to the happy-go-lucky Ye-Bun. Behind Your Touch is quickly shaping up to be one of the best K-dramas of the year.

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