Le Parisien’s Take on BLACKPINK’s Performance Ignites Controversy

A recent critique from the French newspaper Le Parisien has ignited a firestorm of opinions among Korean netizens regarding BLACKPINK’s ‘BORN PINK’ encore tour. Despite drawing a colossal crowd of over 55,000 at Stade De France, Le Parisien remained unimpressed. It stated that a packed stadium doesn’t necessarily translate to an outstanding performance.

The French publication dissected multiple facets of the concert, criticizing the choreography as too predictable. It also highlighted a noticeable lack of synergy among the BLACKPINK members. The media outlet also took issue with the video quality, describing it as disorganized and unstable. Additionally, Le Parisien called out the excessive breaks that disrupted the concert’s momentum.

During the show, an incident where Jennie suddenly left the stage drew significant criticism. Le Parisien concluded that the concert failed to meet the high standards set by BLACKPINK’s global fame. Interestingly, the same outlet had earlier criticized a Metallica show but praised The Weeknd’s performance at Stade De France.

Korean netizens sharply divide over Le Parisien’s assessment. Some agree with the critique, noting the concert’s flaws and speculating that rumours of Lisa’s possible exit affected group cohesion. On the other hand, strong BLACKPINK supporters argue that cultural arrogance and envy root the French critique.

While some fans argue that the concert exposed a lack of teamwork and even questioned Jisoo’s abilities. Others counter by pointing out BLACKPINK’s top trending status on social media and accolades from other media outlets. Critics in France are accused of harbouring a dismissive attitude towards K-pop, suggesting that the negative review reflects more on French cultural biases than on the actual quality of BLACKPINK’s performance.

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