NEWJEANS dominates Seoul Fashion Week 2024

NEWJEANS walked down the blue carpet at Dongdaemun Design Plaza and set the tone for the 2024 Spring/Summer collection at Seoul Fashion Week.

Turning Heads at the Ul:kin Show

The K-pop sensations later dazzled the Ul:kin runway with their groundbreaking fashion choices. Embracing the “Avant Apocalypse” aesthetic, they sported distressed miniskirts and camouflage prints, making them the buzz of Seoul.

More Than Just Show-Stealers: The Official Faces of the Event

NEWJEANS didn’t just participate; they served as the official ambassadors for the five-day fashion event. This role boosted their influence beyond the music realm, solidifying their status as fashion industry powerhouses.

A Melange of Styles: The Outfit Details

Hyein, Haerin, Hanni, Danielle and Minji of the girl group NEWJEANS are seen at the UL:KIN show at Seoul Fashion Week spring 2024 – GETTY

Their outfits were a daring blend of grunge rebellion and high-fashion intricacy. Complementing their Y2K-inspired looks were chunky black boots from New Rock, Le Silla, and Vetements, adorned with silver-plated accents.

Hanni donned a camo-patterned corset teamed with a black miniskirt featuring ruffled details, complemented by her sleek black bangs. On the other hand, Haerin sported white tattered jeans, layered with a see-through mesh top under a graphic cropped tee.

NEWJEANS’ appearance at Seoul Fashion Week highlights the seamless fusion of K-pop and fashion. The modern K-pop idol are more than just performers; they’re style influencers whose fashion choices captivates and set fashion trends for a global audience. Fashion giants like Louis Vuitton, DIOR, Calvin Klein and Bvlgari have been collecting K-pop idols like Pokemons of late.

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High-praise for Minji

Minji’s natural beauty was undeniable, even in unedited photos taken by the media. Her cascading wavy hair and subtle makeup framed her face perfectly, accentuating her youthful elegance and natural beauty. This appearance set a new benchmark for her aesthetic allure.

The fact that these candid shots, taken with basic camera equipment, needed no enhancements was truly remarkable. The photos captured Minji’s true beauty, without any filters or editing.

On the Road to VMAs and More

In addition to ruling Seoul Fashion Week, NEWJEANS has earned a VMA nod for Group of the Year, competing against the likes of Flo, Maneskin, and the Jonas Brothers.

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