Dream Academy girls face first dance and vocal survival mission

The contestants of The Debut: Dream Academy have completed their first survival mission testing their dance and vocal skills. The 20 girls were evenly split into Team A and Team B, with half the members performing each skill.

Following each survival mission, the global audience will vote on platforms like Weverse and TikTok to determine who is fit to debut. The survival missions will take place over 12 weeks, with the live finale on Nov 17, 2023. There, the final roster and the name of the girl group will be unveiled.

The performance videos for the first survival mission were recently released on YouTube. They showcased the high level of talent among the contestants, and it’s going to be difficult to choose our favorites.

Dream Academy Team A (Dance): Daniela, Megan, UA, Adela, Hinari

The group performed a dance cover of BLACKPINK’s Pink Venom in a bare room, with only LED lights on the ceiling for effect. The simple staging kept the focus on the girls, allowing them to shine. They all proved to be excellent dancers, keeping in perfect sync with the beat and each other. Their showmanship was also on point, as seen in the sassy looks they threw at the camera. We do wish that all five girls had equal time to be center. Daniela, Megan and Adela had at least two ‘center’ moments each, while UA and Hinari had very little time in the spotlight.

Dream Academy Team B (Dance): Emily, Ezrela, Marquise, Yoonchae, Mei

The group performed a dance cover of OMG by NEWJEANS, and really captured the fun, bubbly nature of the track in their performance. Each girl had her moment to shine in front of the camera, whether dancing energetically while mouthing the lyrics, or showing cute aegyo gestures at the end. We honestly can’t decide which of the girls stood out more. Marquise and Emily displayed excellent hip-hop dance skills, while the adorable energy of Ezrela, Yoonchae and Mei really shone through.

Dream Academy Team A (Vocal): Karlee, Lexie, Iliya, Brooklyn, Manon

The team performed an interesting mash-up of Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish and Dancing on My Own by Robyn. The resulting song was a haunting ballad that allowed each girl to showcase her vocal skills. The girls each got lines to make their own, as well as moments where they showed their ability to harmonize. We feel that Brooklyn and Karlee would easily handle powerhouse ballads, while Lexie, Iliya and Manon would do well on intricate melodies.

Dream Academy Team B (Vocal): Sophia, Lara, Celeste, Samara, Nayoung

The group performed a stripped down cover of Paramore’s Still Into You. The energetic dance track was transformed into a sweet, tender love ballad, with all five girls singing in perfect harmony. There were parts of the performance that amazed us, as the girls tackled some complex notes with ease. Lara, Samara and Nayoung added extra color to their musical notes, while Sophia and Celeste provided the right amount of depth.

With how well the girls did in their first mission, we can’t wait to see what happens next!

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