NEWJEANS’ Super Shy ties with BLACKPINK’s Ice Cream on the Billboard Hot 100

In a groundbreaking achievement, NEWJEANS’ hit single Super Shy has equalled BLACKPINK’s iconic Ice Cream for the title of the second-longest charting K-pop girl group song on the Billboard Hot 100. Not only does this serve as a significant triumph for NEWJEANS, but it also acts as a pivotal moment that shows K-pop’s influence on a global scale.

The Billboard Hot 100: A Benchmark of Musical Success

The Billboard Hot 100 is the ultimate barometer for musical success in the United States, encompassing all genres. For K-pop artists, landing a spot on this list is akin to making a dream come true. It confirms their global appeal, creative skill, and strong fan support.

The Lasting Impact of BLACKPINK’s Ice Cream

Before exploring NEWJEANS’ meteoric rise, it’s crucial to acknowledge the enduring influence of BLACKPINK’s Ice Cream. Featuring Selena Gomez, this summer hit has won hearts worldwide. Its irresistible melody and eye-catching visuals have kept it on the Billboard charts for an extended period. This highlights BLACKPINK’s role as pioneers for K-pop girl groups on a global scale.

NEWJEANS: The New Sensation in K-pop

Though a newcomer, NEWJEANS has already left a memorable mark on the K-pop landscape. Their chart-topping single Super Shy is a genre-blending masterpiece, fusing elements of pop, hip-hop, and R&B. Its universally relatable lyrics and addictive tune have captivated a diverse audience, as shown by its impressive Billboard Hot 100 ranking.

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