OMG! NEWJEANS x McDonald’s meal collab arrives in Malaysia

Malaysian Bunnies can now get their hands on exclusive NEWJEANS menu items at local McDonald’s outlets, complete with special packaging. Selected outlets have also been decorated with a dance space where fans can groove to their favorite NEWJEANS tracks.

The new menu items are part of NEWJEANS’ Chicken Dance Campaign, and will be available in 10 regions across Asia. Each region will have its own exclusive chicken meals.

The campaign began in South Korea in June, and has already landed in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei. After Malaysia, the campaign will proceed to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam.

The NEWJEANS x McDonald’s meals in Malaysia

OMG! NEWJEANS x McDonald's meal collab arrives in Malaysia
A composite of McDonald’s indoor TV ads featuring NEWJEANS. – Hallyu Oppa

Malaysian Bunnies can order the Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger (RM9.95 ala carte) or the Spicy Crispy Chicken Wrap (RM10.90 ala carte), which can be paired with hashbrowns for RM12.55. You also have the option of building a meal with Seaweed McShaker Fries and a Fanta Strawberry drink.

OMG! NEWJEANS x McDonald's meal collab arrives in Malaysia
NEWJEANS x McDonald’s meal and packaging in Malaysia. – Hallyu Oppa

The special packaging for meals and beverages features McDonald’s iconic golden “M” logo, as well as charming pixel-style illustrations of fries, burgers, and the NEWJEANS bunny mascot.

This is McDonald’s second meal collaboration with a K-pop idol group. The fast food brand’s campaign with supergroup BTS in 2021 was a huge hit worldwide. Their collab with NEWJEANS also promises to be a unique and exciting dining experience for Malaysian McDonald’s customers.

Photo opportunities for Bunnies

Fans can also snap photos with the NEWJEANS-themed decorations. Selected outlets have standees of group members Danielle, Haerin Hanni, Hyein and Minji, while the McDonald’s outlet in the heart of Kuala Lumpur has a ‘dance space’ set up.

Check out these images below, snapped by the HallyuBeat team.

A NEWJEANS dance experience

Bunnies can also take part in the NEWJEANS Chicken Dance as part of the campaign’s on-the-ground activities. Just record yourself doing your own version of NEWJEANS’ iconic dance moves and share them on social media.

NEWJEANS have launched several dance challenges to promote songs from their EP Get Up. The album’s first single, Super Shy, has been a huge hit, reaching number one on music charts worldwide, including Malaysia.

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