SM Entertainment faces backlash over RIIZE’s Baskin Robbins deal

SM Entertainment’s decision to partner K-pop group RIIZE with Baskin Robbins has ignited a storm of criticism. The collaboration, which on the surface seemed like a delightful blend of music and ice cream… has instead left a bitter taste in many mouths.

The SPC Dilemma: A stain on the collaboration

The crux of the issue lies in SM Entertainment’s choice to collaborate with a brand under SPC Paris Baguette, a company recently marred by worker fatalities. “Why SPC of all companies? Another worker died in their factory not too long ago,” one fan commented on social media, echoing a sentiment that led many to call for a boycott of Baskin Robbins.

SM Entertainment unexpectedly finds itself navigating a precarious ethical landscape due to the furor. While collaborations are vital for enhancing a group’s profile, the moral ramifications are equally significant.

Fan sentiments: A litany of questions and concerns

  • “Is SM Entertainment in their right mind?”
  • “Why gloss over the SPC issue?”
  • “Did they have to pick that company, given their target audience is youths?”

These are just some of the questions fans are asking, reflecting a deep-seated concern over the agency’s ethical compass. This is particularly true among fans who are increasingly sensitive to ethical considerations.

A series of missteps

RIIZE has been plagued by a series of missteps in recent months. First, group member Seunghan was involved in a photo scandal. Then, the fandom’s name was chosen in a way that was seen as insensitive and hastily changed. Next, Sungchan made a gaffe about sushi.

And now, there is an issue with Baskin Robbins. It seems that for every rightfully deserved positive step RIIZE takes, they take two steps back. It is understandable that fans are unhappy with this situation.

One could argue that SM Entertainment, with its experience and resources, should have done a better job of managing RIIZE’s public image. However, it is also possible that these missteps are simply a sign of the group’s youth and inexperience. Though the Baskin Robbins issue is no fault of theirs, only time will tell how RIIZE will recover from this series of setbacks.

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