BTS’ V Layover album drops today, marks arrival of Kim Taehyung

BTS member V releases his debut solo album Layover today, a musical project the star says represents his identity as “Kim Taehyung”. The singer has been teasing the album for weeks, dropping two record-breaking pre-release tracks Love Me Again and Rainy Days.

As we prepare to welcome Layover, we take a look back at the key moments leading up to the album’s arrival, starting from its announcement.

1. Layover is announced

On Aug 8, 2023, BIGHIT MUSIC announced that V would be making his solo debut with Layover. The album would have a total of six songs, including a bonus track. Details of each song were also revealed, including the song titles and what the songs would be about. V himself took to social media to hype up the album. He shared a photo of a gift box containing copies of the album with the message: “I’m sending them to every house with the desire I want to deliver them to you.”

2. Promotional schedules released

Two sets of promotional schedules were released for Layover. They included details of concept photos, as well as the release dates of two tracks Love Me Again and Rainy Days. Both tracks would later included in a pre-release singles album. Fans also learned from the second schedule that V would be officially releasing three songs that he had recorded as non-album singles. The tracks Scenery, Winter Bear and Snowflower were previously only available to listen on Spotify. They are currently available to stream on all major platforms.

3. Music videos for Love Me Again and Rainy Days

V released the highly-anticipated music videos for Love Me Again and Rainy Days, revealing two contrasting concepts for each song. Both tracks also broke streaming records upon release, with fans loving V’s new laidback sound and concept. Even other idols couldn’t contain their excitement for the songs, with NEWJEANS’ Danielle performing a sweet acoustic cover of Rainy Days. V himself later gave his approval of her version of the song.

BTS' V giving the thumbs-up to NEWJEANS' Danielle's cover of Rainy Days.

4. V breaks Billboard records ahead of Layover release

V also set a new Billboard Global 200 record by becoming the first Korean solo artist to debut two songs simultaneously in the Top 10. Love Me Again and Rainy Days debuted at #6 and #8 respectively on the Billboard Global 200 Excl US chart. For the Billboard Global 200 chart (which includes the US), both songs were at #12 and #16 respectively.

Both tracks reached #3 and #4 respectively on the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart. Love Me Again also made its debut at #96 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Layover Album Concept Photos #3

5. Concept teaser and trailer for Blue

V also teased a rock star vibe for his upcoming single off Layover, which is titled Blue. The track will be released on Sept 13, and the black-and-white teaser videos show V dressed in an embellished leather jacket and jeans. The concept photos excited fans, who are looking forward to seeing the narrative of the music video.

Layover Album Concept Photos #3

6. A beach vibe for Slow Dancing

V also revealed the final set of concept photos and teaser videos for Slow Dancing, which will be Layover‘s lead single. The mostly black-and-white images reveal V swimming in the ocean. The song has been described as a “70’s romantic soul style track”, and fans are looking forward to seeing its music video, which will be released on YouTube at 1PM KST today, together with the album’s launch.

A report by Dispatch ahead of the launch indicated V saying that the album “contains the charm of the [indivudual] Kim Taehyung”, and is his most personal project yet.

Layover concept photo

With so much hype for Layover, the album is sure to be another success for V! We can’t wait to see what the future holds, as the BTS member comes into his own as Kim Taehyung the artist!

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