A Time Called You Episode 3 Recap

This review contains spoilers for Episode 3 of A Time Called You

At the end of the previous episode, Jun-Hee was somehow sent into the past. What will happen to her, and how will she deal with seeing Si-Heon? Will she be able to make it back to her own time?

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Trapped in her mind

Min-Ju wakes up alone in a labyrinth. Confused, she begins to cry, until she hears Si-Heon’s voice. We discover that she is actually trapped in her own mind, while Jun-Hee occupies her body.

At the hospital, Jun-Hee continues to cry and tells ‘Yeon-Jun’ how much she misses him. A confused Si-Heon pushes her away when In-Gyu walks into the room. Jun-Hee suddenly gets a headache as her own memories and Min-Ju’s collide. Both Si-Heon and In-Gyu believe that ‘Min-Ju’ must be affected by the accident. Jun-Hee herself begins to believe that Min-Ju’s memories are hers.

We find out that Min-Ju’s mother left her at the hospital to cook dinner for her brother. Jun-Hee asks the two boys to take her home, and we have a fantastic scene where she yells at Min-Ju’s family for ignoring their daughter.

It appears that while Jun-Hee may have Min-Ju’s memories, her own strong personality shines through, in contrast to the meeker teenage girl. Jun-Hee is taken back to the hospital, and learn that she was not hit by a car, but was actually struck on the head and left in a field.

Living another life

The two boys leave the hospital, and In-Gyu admits that he witnessed the conversation between Si-Heon and Min-Ju after her birthday party. He accuses Si-Heon of breaking her heart, causing her to run away and get attacked. Si-Heon then asks In-Gyu if he is upset is because he never had the courage to tell Min-Ju his true feelings.

Jun-Hee is released from the hospital, and tries to fit back into Min-Ju’s life, which she now believes is hers. She discovers Min-Ju’s diary and reads it, learning about the lonely life she has led. She also discovers that Min-Ju has a crush on Si-Heon.

The police speak to her and try to ask her about the attack, but she is unable to remember being struck on the head. The police advise that she should work on regaining her memory.

Setting boundaries

Jun-Hee later meets up with Si-Heon for dinner, and he asks her about the night of her birthday. She remembers that he rejected her, and he says that they “can still be friends”. However, Jun-Hee refuses, saying that she is setting boundaries after his rejection. This surprises Si-Heon, who says that Min-Ju seems like a different person.

He asks her to explain why she called him “Yeon-Jun”, and Jun-Hee explains her past as if it were a dream. She tells how she and Yeon-Jun met in college, after he helped her reach a library book titled In Search of Lost Time. She recalls the life that she and Yeon-Jun had together and how they planned on getting married, until his untimely death.

Si-Heon appears to be moved by her story, but then blurts out that he never realized how much she was obsessed with him. He accuses her of creating a fantasy because he rejected her. A frustrated Jun-Hee then leaves, telling Si-Heon that she is in love with Yeon-Jun, not him. However, Si-Heon appears to be attracted to the new, more assertive ‘Min-Ju’.

In-Gyu acts suspicious

We then see In-Gyu having breakfast at home with his grandmother. She remarks that he appears to have found his hearing aid which he lost the other day. He tells her that he is “wearing an old one”, and she wonders where he lost the previous one he had. In-Gyu brushes it off, but has a strange look on his face.

After school, both Si-Heon and In-Gyu visit ‘Min-Ju’, and offer to help find the person who attacked her. They take her to where she says the car struck her, but she is unable to remember anything. They take her to where she was found unconscious, and Si-Heon suggests that she was dragged there. In-Gyu asks if she remembers seeing anyone else, but she says no.

In-Gyu later sends Jun-Hee back, and asks her about the ‘dream’. She tells him about her relationship Yeon-Jun, and he concludes that she must not have any feelings for Si-Heon. He then confesses that he has loved ‘Min-Ju’ for a while, as they were both lonely people. He tells her that he will wait for her answer. Jun-Hee later writes in the diary that she felt that his confession was for “someone else”. We then see that Min-Ju is still trapped inside her head.

A Time Called You

Back to the future

The two boys continue to hang out with ‘Min-Ju’ and eventually take the photo with her in front of the record store. Jun-Hee writes that her ‘dream’ is fading, but that she still thinks of Yeon-Jun. She also gives a copy of the photo to Si-Heon.

The police visit Jun-Hee at the record store and show her a photo of a hearing aid they found at the scene of her attack. She recognizes it as In-Gyu’s, and suddenly gets a flashback to the night of her accident. She realizes that she was not hit by the car, but was pushed away by someone. The person later chased her to the field and struck her in the head with a piece of wood.

At that moment, Jun-Hee wakes up in the bus in 2023. She still has her memories from her time as Min-Ju, and wonders if everything was just a big dream. As she walks away from the bus stop, we see Yeon-Jun watching her.

Once she returns home, Jun-Hee realizes that all her messages to Yeon-Jun have been read. She immediately calls his phone number, and hears someone pick up on the other side. She asks: “Is anyone there?” before the episode ends.

Our opinion

We loved this episode! There were many moments that made us burst out in laughter, from watching Jun-Hee set her family straight, to her bickering with Si-Heon. However, the sudden revelation about In-Gyu has us worried about what will happen to Min-Ju in the future. And if the mystery man is indeed Yeon-Jun, what really happened to him?

Join us as we explore the next episode of A Time Called You!

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