A Time Called You Episode 5 Recap

This review contains spoilers for Episode 5 of A Time Called You

The last episode saw Jun-Hee return to 1998 as Min-Ju to find out the truth, but things are complicated by her and Si-Heon’s growing feelings for each other. We’re also sure that In-Gyu knows something about Min-Ju’s attack, but is he really the culprit?

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In-Gyu becomes a suspect

We find In-Gyu in the police station, where detectives are asking him where he was on the night that Min-Ju was attacked. He tells them about the birthday party, and that they all went home afterwards. The detectives ask if he has anything else to say to them. They reveal that he was caught on CCTV walking towards Min-Ju’s house.

In-Gyu recalls turning back and watching Si-Heon reject Min-Ju. He tells the detectives that there was something he wanted to tell Min-Ju, but refuses to elaborate. The detectives then reveal they found his missing hearing aid at the scene, and that he is now the prime suspect in her attack.

Elsewhere, Jun-Hee is confused about her feelings for Si-Heon. However, she can’t spend too much time worrying about it, because her time in the past is limited. During her conversation with Min-Ju’s uncle in 2023, she learnt that Min-Ju was murdered on Oct 13, 1998. At the time, the uncle suggested that her experiences might be a way to alter the past and save Min-Ju’s life.

Jun-Hee helps in-Gyu

She later speaks to Min-Ju’s uncle, and confesses that she’s Han Jun-Hee from the future. Unfortunately, the uncle doesn’t believe her, and thinks it is all due to her head injury.

Meanwhile, tensions are rising at the school. News has spread that In-Gyu is suspected of attacking Min-Ju, and he is asked to leave the school “until things calm down”. He protests his innocence, but it is clear that no one believes him. Desperate to help In-Gyu, Si-Heon rushes to find Min-Ju and the three meet up in school.

In-Gyu asks if she believes he is innocent, but she is unable to answer. When he starts to leave, Jun-Hee grabs him and takes him to the police station. There, she lies to the detective and claims that she was the one who dropped the hearing aid. She says that she found it after the birthday party and kept it, intending to return it to In-Gyu the next day. Although wary, the detective accepts her explanation.

The three of them share a meal and seem to have resolved their differences. While watching Si-Heon season his jjajangmyeon, Jun-Hee has a flashback of Yeon-Jun flavoring his in the same way. She tells a few lame jokes she once heard from Yeon-Jun to see if Si-Heon would react, but he doesn’t. However, we later see that they have an effect on Si-Heon, causing him to fall for her further.

Becoming more proactive

Jun-Hee later takes a walk with Min-Ju’s uncle. He says if what she says is true, then where is his real niece? We then see a trapped Min-Ju attempting to alert them to her presence, but failing. Jun-Hee tells the uncle that she wants to return to her own time, and promises to help raise Min-Ju’s grades if he can help her.

We are then treated to scenes of the teens in school. Jun-Hee decides to join a basketball competition as Min-Ju, and begins dominating the court. As NEWJEANS’ Beautiful Restriction plays in the background, Si-Heon and In-Gyu watch on in surprise. Everyone wonders at the change in Min-Ju, and she suddenly gets more popular.

Si-Heon and In-Gyu later approach ‘Min-Ju’, and ask her why she has changed so much. Jun-Hee pretends that it is all an act in order to draw out her attacker. She also reveals that her attacker was wearing their school uniform, which causes them to worry.

‘Min-Ju’ begins getting extra attention from the boys in their school. A jealous Si-Heon becomes overprotective, but disguises it as an attempt to shield her from her attacker. We also see a mysterious boy watching ‘Min-Ju’ suspiciously, and stealing her photographs from the basketball game.

Jun-Hee finds out that she placed 131st in the school after the last exam, and realizes her mission to raise Min-Ju’s grades has hit a snag due to her weakness in maths. She asks In-Gyu to help tutor her, and he happily agrees. She encourages Si-Heon to join them to improve his English, and almost lets it slip that he is planning to move to America. However, they manage to hide the truth from In-Gyu.

A Time Called You
Ahn Hyo-Seop as Si-Heon.

Past and present collide

Si-Heon also has several interactions with a little girl in town. The girl later tells him her name is Han Jun-Hee. The name sounds familiar to him, but he does not make the connection to ‘Min-Ju’.

Jun-Hee returns to Min-Ju’s home, and has a sweet moment with the family over her ‘improved’ grades. As she prepares for bed that night, we get a glimpse of the boy from school who has been stalking her. As the episode ends, we see his face. The boy appears to be the teenage version of Yeon-Jun’s artist friend, Chan-Yeong.

Our opinion

This episode surprised us, in more ways than one. The introduction of a stalker makes it less likely for In-Gyu to be the attacker, but it does not explain all his strange behavior. Will Jun-Hee be able to find the culprit, and actually change the past and keep Min-Ju safe?

We’re also intrigued by the appearance of a young Jun-Hee. While Si-Heon has not yet realized the little girl’s identity, we’re eager to see how this new development will play out in the future.

Join us as we explore the next episode of A Time Called You!

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