A Time Called You Episode 6 Recap

This review contains spoilers for Episode 6 of A Time Called You

In the last episode, we followed Jun-Hee as she returned to school as ‘Min-Ju’, and gradually grew closer to both Si-Heon and In-Gyu. Will this lead to more love complications for the three of them? And what about the stalker who is following ‘Min-Ju’?

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The cracks begin to show

Everything seems to be going well for the three teenagers in school. Jun-Hee invites In-Gyu to go to the library so he can tutor her, while Si-Heon follows them. He leaves them for a moment to retrieve his scooter keys, and accidentally bumps into another student. It turns out to be ‘Min-Ju’s stalker. Si-Heon apologizes, but the boy merely scoffs and turns away. We later see him looking at the photos of ‘Min-Ju’ playing basketball.

In-Gyu and Jun-Hee continue to study in the library. Si-Heon decides to leave them alone, but appears uneasy over her spending so much time with In-Gyu.

Halfway through their lessons, In-Gyu notices a cat outside the library, and remembers a time when he watched Min-Ju care for a stray while walking home from school. He points out the cat to ‘Min-Ju’, and asks her if she wants to follow him outside to pet it. However, she tells him that she is afraid of cats, which surprises him.

Later, the two of them walk home together, and he tells her that he is still getting used to her new personality. She reassures him, and tells him that ‘the old Min-Ju’ will return soon. He asks her what she means, but she only tells him to trust her. As they continue walking, we see the mystery boy observing them.

The culprit makes their move?

Jun-Hee later takes Min-Ju’s brother out for dinner, and asks him why he ran away from home on the night of her accident. He tells her that he heard their parents arguing, and how Min-Ju accused them of favoring him. Jun-Hee is surprised to learn that he actually cares for his sister, and the two become friends.

The next day at school, Jun-Hee asks Si-Heon to help her with a math problem, and it becomes apparent they still have feelings for each other. Si-Heon later gets a note asking to meet up, which both he and In-Gyu think is from ‘Min-Ju’. However, it turns out to the note is from their pretty classmate, Da-Hyeon.

As In-Gyu and Jun-Hee watch from afar, Da-Hyeon asks Si-Heon to be her boyfriend. However, he rejects her, saying that he is waiting for his “destiny”. Jun-Hee later recalls that during their college days, she heard that Yeon-Jun rejected a girl using the same phrase.

The next day in school, she opens her desk to discover someone has left a pile of photos of her, that were taken without her knowledge. The boys believe she should be more careful, but Jun-Hee sees them as evidence pointing to the culprit’s identity.

Rainy weather

Later, the class has to prepare for their art exam, and everyone travels to a park to sketch and paint. Si-Heon becomes depressed upon seeing ‘Min-Ju’ painting with In-Gyu, while In-Gyu notices that ‘Min-Ju’ keeps looking for Si-Heon.

Later, Jun-Hee encounters Si-Heon and brushes some grass from his hair. The two of them stare at each other. Before either of them can say anything, it suddenly begins to rain. This leads to a memorable scene where Si-Heon watches ‘Min-Ju’ run down a tree-lined path, smiling and gesturing him to follow her.

A Time Called You Episode 6 Recap

The two boys walk Jun-Hee to the record store, and Min-Ju’s uncle teases that she must be dating one of them. Later Si-Heon admits to In-Gyu that he has fallen for ‘Min-Ju’, but promises he will not tell her. In-Gyu asks if it is because Si-Heon feels sorry for him, and Si-Heon finally tells In-Gyu about his move to America. In-Gyu asks him how ‘Min-Ju’ would feel if she found out. Si-Heon is unable to admit that he already told her. Instead, he tells In-Gyu that ‘Min-Ju’ said she no longer has feelings for him, but In-Gyu believes she only said that to stop them from fighting. Si-Heon later draws a sketch of ‘Min-Ju’ running through the rain.

The secret is revealed

The next day, the boys are silent and refuse to look at each other, which is noticed by Jun-Hee. Later, as the girls change for their PE class, Da-Hyeon secretly snaps photos of her.

Jun-Hee catches up with Si-Heon and asks him why he is avoiding In-Gyu, but he refuses to answer. The three of them eventually have a confrontation in the library where In-Gyu discovers that ‘Min-Ju’ already knew about Si-Heon’s move to America. Feeling betrayed that he was the last to find out, he tells them that he needs some time apart.

Si-Heon and Jun-Hee go their separate ways, but eventually run across each other in the neighborhood. She berates him for keeping his trip to America a secret from In-Gyu for so long. As they argue, he confesses that he loves her, telling her he can no longer hide his feelings. Jun-Hee tries to tell him that he is making a mistake, and that he should “never confess to a friend”.

Si-Heon refuses, saying that they have been closer than friends for a while now, leaving her speechless. The two stare at each other as the scene ends.

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