Queendom Puzzle winners EL7Z UP drop stunning teasers ahead of debut

The countdown to the much-awaited debut of Mnet’s Queendom Puzzle project girl supergroup is officially on. EL7Z UP is gearing up to make a splash in the K-pop scene with their unique allure. The group recently unveiled a series of captivating individual photos, along with a dynamic group teaser image on their official Instagram account. The photos showcase each member’s distinct beauty and vibe. Set to drop their digital album 7+ UP on September 14, EL7Z UP will also release physical copies a week later, on September 21.

Queendom Puzzle winners K-pop girl group EL7Z UP is gearing up for their debut.

Managed by Apple Monster and DG Entertainment, EL7Z UP is a South Korean project K-pop girl group formed through the reality TV competition, Queendom Puzzle. The group boasts a lineup of seven seasoned members, each of whom has previously debuted in other notable girl groups.

The magnificent seven of EL7Z UP

  • Kei made her debut with LOVELYZ in 2014 and ventured into a solo career in 2019.
  • Yeeun, who debuted with CLC in 2015, also embarked on a solo journey in 2023.
  • Yeoreum first appeared as a member of WJSN in 2016 and later joined WJSN’s first subunit, WJSN CHOCOME, in 2020.
  • Yeonhee made her debut with PUNCH ROCKET in 2019.
  • Nana was a member of WOO!AH! and debuted in 2020
  • Yuki entered the scene as a member of PURPLE KISS in 2020
  • Hwiseo debuted with H1-KEY in 2022

The formation of EL7Z UP was a key highlight of the Queendom Puzzle show, which aired from June 13 to August 15, 2023. The show featured twenty-eight active female idols vying for a spot in this seven-member supergroup. The group’s name was officially announced during the show’s seventh episode on July 25.

Queendom Puzzle winners K-pop girl group EL7Z UP is gearing up for their debut.

In addition to their upcoming debut, EL7Z UP has already announced their first post-debut concert in Japan. The concert is scheduled to take place in Saitama at Omiya Sonic City on October 22, followed by a performance in Osaka at Grand Cube Osaka on October 24.

Further adding to the excitement, EL7Z UP is slated to perform at the 2023 MAMA Awards and is planning a global tour towards the end of the year.

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