RIIZE fans scared by Hello this is SM Entertainment tweet

A simple tweet by SM Entertainment accidentally sent RIIZE fans into a state of high alert. Fans initially thought the tweet was about a serious issue. It turned out to be an explanation of an oversight in the Walmart Exclusive version of RIIZE’s 1st Single Album Get A Guitar.

During their internal review, the company discovered that 5,000 limited edition copies of the Walmart Exclusive Version mistakenly included a Sungchan photocard intended for a different album version. The photocard was included among 7 randomized cards in the package. SM Entertainment took to Twitter to assure fans that they were “committed to resolving this issue”, which sparked unintended results…

The scariest greeting

Starting the tweet with – “Hello, this is SM Entertainment.” – was enough to send RIIZE fans into a frenzy! Many assumed it was the prelude to some unfortunate news about the group. Fans quickly took to the comments, expressing their reactions:

  • “I clicked so fast when I saw ‘Hello, this is SM Entertainment.’ Thought something bad had happened. (Just overthinking lately.)”
  • “I had one and a half heart attacks because of this.”
  • “That ‘Hello, this is SM Entertainment’ made my heart sink! I’m still recovering, thought it was bad news again.”

It’s easy to see why SM Entertainment’s tweet initially struck a nerve with fans. Lately, the company and RIIZE have taken their fandom, BRIIZE (previously known as SUNZ), on an emotional whirlwind that’s been a mix of ups and downs.

From the jarring revelation of a pre-debut kissing photo scandal to the exhilarating news of RIIZE’s debut single album Get A Guitar racking up over a million pre-orders and a triumphant debut, the emotional spectrum has been broad. Add to that the flip-flopping on the fandom name, debates over a member’s food preferences, and even a minor uproar over an ice cream partnership, it’s safe to say that RIIZE fans have had their share of drama.

After the initial shock, fans used this unintended moment of hilarity to bond on the thread. You can read the comments HERE.

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