BTS rule September K-pop Brand Reputation Boy Group Rankings

The Korean Business Research Institute has just disclosed the brand reputation rankings for September, focusing on male K-pop groups. The rankings were meticulously calculated through a comprehensive analysis of consumer engagement, media mentions, online interactions, and community indexes. Data was gathered from August 9 to September 9.

No stopping BTS

September K-pop Brand Reputation Boy Group Rankings - BTS

For an astonishing 64th consecutive month, BTS has dominated the list, boasting a brand reputation index of 7,785,449. This marks an impressive 18.97% surge in their score since last month. Notable keywords associated with the group included Jungkook, V, and Jimin, while terms like powerful, appear, and donate were among their highest-ranking related terms. The group also scored exceptionally well in positivity-negativity analysis, with a 93.04% positive reaction rate.

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SEVENTEEN holds position

September K-pop Brand Reputation Boy Group Rankings - SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN maintained their second-place position with a brand reputation index of 5,355,287, reflecting an 8.30% uptick since last month.

The 13-member K-pop boy group has set the stage on fire by launching their largest Japanese dome tour since their debut. The group’s agency announced on Friday that the initial concerts at Tokyo Dome attracted a staggering 100,000 fans earlier this week.

The tour is far from over; the group plans to extend their electrifying performances to other major cities in Japan, including Saitama, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. The tour is scheduled to run until December, promising a series of unforgettable nights for fans across Japan.

NCT moves up

September K-pop Brand Reputation Boy Group Rankings - NCT

NCT skyrocketed to third place, experiencing a staggering 76.15% increase in their brand reputation index, totalling 4,041,162 for September.

The multinational K-pop boy group has lifted the curtain on its final sub-unit, NCT NEW TEAM. The seven-member ensemble consists of Sion, Yushi, Riku, Sakuya, Daeyoung, Jungmin, and Ryo, and is set to take the music scene by storm.

While Sion and Yushi had already secured their spots in the new group, the remaining five members were selected through the survival program NCT Universe: LASTART, which concluded this past Thursday. Riku emerged as the top contender on the show, followed by Sakuya and Daeyoung, who clinched the second and third spots, respectively. Jungmin and Ryo completed the top five, adding to the group’s diverse talent pool.

SM Entertainment further emphasized that this new sub-unit represents “the best combination of talents,” promising a fresh and dynamic addition to NCT‘s already impressive portfolio.

EXO secured the fourth spot with a brand reputation index of 3,578,589. Rounding out the top five was THE BOYZ, who saw a significant 41.63% increase in their score since August, ending up with a brand reputation index of 3,224,010.

Here is the full list of the September K-pop Brand Reputation Boy Group Rankings:

  1. BTS
  3. NCT
  4. EXO
  8. Stray Kids
  9. Super Junior
  10. MONSTA X
  11. BTOB
  13. SHINee
  14. ASTRO
  16. WINNER
  17. 2PM
  18. ONF
  20. ATEEZ
  21. Highlight
  22. TVXQ
  23. TXT
  24. Wanna One
  25. VIXX
  27. NU’EST
  28. NINE.i
  29. Shinhwa
  30. OMEGA X

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