BTS’ V has triumphant solo debut as Layover tops music charts

In a historic musical moment, V from the globally acclaimed BTS has struck gold with his official solo debut album, Layover. The highly anticipated album skyrocketed to the pinnacle of success, and the entertainment world is buzzing with excitement!

BIGHIT MUSIC proudly announced that Layover had stormed its way to the number one spot on Oricon’s daily album chart for Sept 10, 2023. An astounding 221,491 copies of the album flew off the shelves in Japan on its very first day of release. This remarkable achievement is a testament to V’s solo star power and the fervor of his dedicated fanbase.

V didn’t stop at album success. His title track, Slow Dancing, conquered Oricon’s daily digital singles chart, mirroring the album’s achievement. Moreover, V’s enchanting B-sides, Blue, For Us, and Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.), made waves by securing the chart’s No. 4, No. 5, and No. 6 positions, respectively. These remarkable chart-topping feats reflect V’s versatility and musical brilliance.

Global Spotify Triumph

V’s triumphs extended to the global stage as well, with Slow Dancing making an impressive debut at No. 11 on Spotify’s daily Global Top Songs chart. The track amassed an astonishing 4,743,367 filtered streams on its very first day. Notably, every single track from Layover etched its presence on Spotify’s global chart.

Love Me Again is at No. 20, Rainy Days at No. 24, Blue at No. 45, For Us at No. 47. Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.) gracefully takes the No. 54 position. V’s global influence is undeniable!

iTunes Triumphs and Hanteo History

The global domination continued as Layover triumphed on iTunes charts in numerous countries worldwide. This remarkable feat set a new record, marking the highest first-day sales of any solo album in Hanteo history. V’s solo debut has not only met expectations but exceeded them, leaving a lasting mark on the music industry.

In a world where K-pop’s influence knows no bounds, V’s solo debut has proven to be a monumental moment in his career and in the broader entertainment landscape. Congratulations to V on this awe-inspiring achievement! Fans worldwide eagerly anticipate what lies ahead in his solo journey.

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