Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 14-15

EPISODE 14 – The Idiot

Episode 14 of Disney+’s Korean drama Moving opens with Ju-Won and his young daughter Hui-Soo coming home after the funeral of Ji-Hee, his late wife. Ju-Won informs his boss Yong-Jun that he’ll be taking a step back from his covert operations team, the Black team, to focus on his daughter. Although puzzled, Yong-Jun reluctantly agrees but warns Ju-Won that he’s still on call for emergencies.

Meanwhile, we’re transported back to the summer of 2003 in Cheonggyecheon, where we meet Lee Jae-Man, a devoted husband and father. Jae-Man is a strong man who supports his family by making deliveries from their shop. Despite the looming threat of redevelopment in Cheonggyecheon, Jae-Man’s wife Yoon-Young advises him to steer clear of protests and focus on their family.

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 14- viewers are introduced to Lee Jae-Man

Fatherhood isn’t easy

Jae-Man’s commitment to his family is evident. He’s particularly attentive to his son, Gang-Hoon, even going as far as buying matching T-shirts for them. However, this devotion stems from a past incident where Jae-Man was arrested for defending Yoon-Young, leaving Gang-Hoon in a dangerous situation.

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 14- Jae-Man and his son, Gang-Hoon

Back in the present, Ju-Won is juggling the responsibilities of single fatherhood and his demanding job. He even hires a nanny help to look after Hui-Soo when work keeps him late. However, he finds himself torn between his duties as a father and his obligations at work.

As tensions rise in Cheonggyecheon over redevelopment, Jae-Man’s wife Yoon-Young decides to represent their family at the protests, leaving Jae-Man to care for Gang-Hoon. Unbeknownst to Jae-Man, the protest turns violent, leading to Yoon-Young’s arrest. In a desperate attempt to save her, Jae-Man reveals his supernatural abilities, shocking everyone.

Following this incident, Yong-Jun contacts Ju-Won about a “monster” sighting, forcing Ju-Won to leave Hui-Soo and attend to the situation. Meanwhile, Jae-Man’s neighbour’s son, Sung-Woo, falls into a sewer while trying to free his pet fish.


Ju-Won finds Jae-Man in the sewer and tries to convince him to give himself up. Je-man who promised Gang-Hoon he would be back home soon refuses. This leads to a brutal fight between him and Ju-Won. The fight finally ends when Ju-Won knocks Jae-man out. As he is leaving, he hears Sung-Woo’s cries and works together with Jae-Man to rescue him.

Ju-Won returns from the sewers cradling the young boy in his arms as they hurry to get him medical attention. When Yong-Jun inquires about Jae-Man, Ju-Won tells him that he’s gone back home to fulfil a promise to his son. Sceptical of Ju-Won’s judgment, Yong-Jun berates him for seemingly disregarding orders and labels him a fool.

Ju-Won’s most precious treasure

They proceed to Jae-Man’s residence and find, to their astonishment, that he has indeed returned home. Gang-Hoon, visibly frightened yet relieved, welcomes his father back. However, their heartfelt reunion is abruptly interrupted when armed police officers storm into the house. Yong-Jun dismisses Jae-Man as worthless and starts to exit the premises. Just then, officers are hurled out of the house, leading Yong-Jun to assume that Jae-Man is responsible. Ju-Won rushes back inside, only to discover that it’s actually Gang-Hoon who’s confronting the police. Jae-Man is desperately trying to pacify his son, pleading with him to cease his actions.

It’s at this juncture that Yong-Jun realizes that abilities can be transferred between generations. A sly grin crosses his face as he instructs Ju-won to handle the situation. Contrarily, Ju-Won wears a sombre expression, struck by a newfound understanding. He returns home, gathers Hui-Soo, and abandons his former life. As he departs, he reflects that although he’s leaving everything else behind, he’s taking with him his most precious treasure—Hui-Soo.

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 14- Ju-Won goes on the run with Hui-Soo.

The episode concludes with a time jump to the present, where Hui-Soo is in high school and Ju-Won owns a restaurant. Hui-Soo shares with her father about a classmate who has positively influenced her, reminding her of her late mother Ji-Hee. Overwhelmed by the weight of his past and present, Ju-Won breaks down and cries after Hui-Soo leaves.

In Episode 14 of Moving, we finally discover what led Ju-Won to abandon the black ops team to go on the run with Hui-Soo. The emotional impact of the final moments of this episode really hits hard leaving viewers empathizing with Ju-Won’s character even more.

Episode 15 – N.T.D.P

Episode 15 of Moving opens with Woon-Kyu informing Yong-Jun that Ju-Won has disappeared, taking his daughter Hui-Soo with him. Rae-Hyuk, who is also present, proposes a new initiative—the National Talent Development Project (NTDP)—aimed at recruiting the children of agents with special abilities. Yong-Jun, enticed by the idea, gives the green light, leading to the establishment of Jeongwon High School.

Fast forward to the present, where we catch up with Hui-Soo, Bong-Seok, and Gang-Hoon. The episode also reintroduces us to a new North Korean assassin, raising the stakes even higher for the already intricate and tense storyline.

At Jeongwon High, Ki-Soo is questioned by Gang-Hoon about a recent accident involving a basketball hoop. Ki-Soo denies any involvement, but the tension is palpable. Hui-Soo and Gang-Hoon share a moment at a convenience store, discussing their future plans and subtly touching on the topic of their special abilities. Gang-Hoon reveals his intention to work for the government but omits the fact that he has a deal with Rae-Hyuk to save his father, Jae-Man.

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 15- Hui-Soo and Gang Hoon share a meal together.

Meanwhile, Bong-Seok loses himself in thought as he reflects on the fight he had with his mother, Mi-Hyun. Hui-Soo notices his mood and tries to lift his spirits, unaware that they are being followed by a mysterious man.

Jeongwon High School

Mi-Hyun and Ju-Won, both armed and on high alert, make their way to Jeongwon High School. Mi-Hyun’s conversation with II-hwan, raises more questions than answers, especially when he mysteriously knows her identity. Ju-Won, who sneaks into the school, also senses that something is amiss. He inspects the gym where the accident took place and realizes surveillance cameras are watching him.

Bong-Seok and Hui-Soo head to the bus stop and delight in seeing Gye-Do back in the driver’s seat. Thrilled, they board the bus, and Gye-Do shares that he’s also an alumnus of Jeongwon High School. Joining them is a mysterious man, revealed to be Joon-Hwa a likely North Korean operative.

Joon-Hwa struggles with the fare, prompting Gye-Do to request a look at his phone. Gye-Do senses something amiss when he touches it, but the audience remains in the dark about the specific memories he glimpses. He returns the phone to Joon-Hwa and allows him to board, but not without keeping a watchful eye on him.

Danger stalks Hui-Soo

Oblivious to the looming threat, Bong-Seok animatedly chats with Hui-Soo about Gye-Do’s alter ego, Bungaeman, who happens to be his all-time favourite superhero. Unable to contain his excitement, he goes on and on about it. Concerned that his enthusiasm might trigger his ability to levitate, Hui-Soo advises him to tone it down.

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 14- Bong-Seok tells Hui-Soo about Bungaeman

Outside the school, a group of North Korean agents discuss plans to steal files on students with special abilities and eliminate those involved in their training. Their conversation hints at a much larger conspiracy.

Back on the bus, Gye-Do, the driver, senses danger when a suspicious man, likely the North Korean assassin Joon-Hwa, boards the bus. Realizing that Hui-Soo and Bong-Seok are potential targets, he takes drastic action to protect them. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

Episode 15 of Moving is a thrilling and suspenseful ride, full of surprises and revelations. Rae-Hyuk puts his ambitious plans to the test, and revelations unfold about the mysterious activities at Jeongwon High School. The episode deftly weaves together multiple storylines, each with its own unique set of mysteries and emotional stakes. Whether it’s the future of the NTDP, the secrets of Jeongwon High, or the danger posed by North Korean agents. As a Korean drama, Moving continues to grip its audience with its complex storytelling and well-developed characters.

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