A Time Called You Episode 7 Recap

This review contains spoilers for Episode 7 of A Time Called You

In the last episode, both Si-Heon and In-Gyu find their friendship breaking due to their growing feelings for ‘Min-Ju’. Meanwhile, Jun-Hee attracts the wrong kind of attention at school, as a fellow classmate begins to resent her for attracting Si-Heon. How will all these issues resolve themselves?

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Getting the boys to reconcile

Jun-Hee is still trying to come to terms with Si-Heon’s love confession. She tries to distract herself by following In-Gyu on a search for the person who took her photos. She tries to explain to In-Gyu why Si-Heon kept his move to America a secret, but In-Gyu refuses to discuss it.

He surprises her by suggesting that she date Si-Heon, since “he won’t be around much longer”. In-Gyu adds that she shouldn’t spend time with him out of pity. Jun-Hee tries to get him to reconcile with Si-Heon, but In-Gyu refuses. He adds that she doesn’t have to pretend that she has a ‘new’ personality, as he liked who she was before she ‘changed herself’.

Jun-Hee then calls a meeting with both boys, and explains that she came from the year 2023 after listening to a cassette tape. She tries to convince the boys that the person they really love is not her, but the Min-Ju that they knew from before. She even pulls out her notebook to show them the differences between her handwriting and Min-Ju’s.

Despite her best efforts, neither boy believes her. Si-Heon even makes a joke comparing her story to the plot of the Terminator movies. An angry Jun-Hee then reveals that Min-Ju is destined to die on Oct 13. She says that unless her attacker is caught, it could lead to the death of Min-Ju, or Jun-Hee while she’s trapped in her body.

The boys still do not believe her, but end up reconciling. However, they later admit that they have noticed that since the accident, she has become “someone new”. In-Gyu says this might be why he doesn’t like the ‘new Min-Ju’ in the same way.

A killer strikes

That night in the high school classroom, we see Da-Hyeon and her friends putting up photos on the classroom blackboard showing ‘Min-Ju’ changing her clothes. We learn that it was actually Da-Hyeon who took the earlier batch of photos, intending to scare ‘Min-Ju’ away from Si-Heon. As they are leaving the classroom, Da-Hyeon’s two friends head to the bathroom, leaving her alone in the hallway.

As she waits, a mysterious figure grabs her. Her two friends head home, thinking that she left them behind. As they walk past a classroom, we see the mystery boy holding Da-Hyeon hostage. He pulls out a box-cutter in front of the terrified girl.

The next day, Da-Hyeon’s body is discovered in the classroom, with her throat slit. The police arrive to investigate, and the entire school is in an uproar. Da-Hyeon’s terrified friends tell Jun-Hee that she was the one who took the secret photos.

Later at Si-Heon’s home, Jun-Hee discusses the murder with the boys, and blames herself for being the reason why Da-Hyeon was there that night. The trio wonder if Da-Hyeon’s killer could be the same person who attacked Min-Ju. However, Jun-Hee wonders why the attacker would suddenly ‘protect’ her and stop the embarrassing photos from spreading. They decide to wait for the results of the police investigation.

Si-Heon walks In-Gyu out, and In-Gyu confides that he believes the murder was committed by Min-Ju’s attacker. He suggests the attacker was obsessed with Min-Ju, and Da-Hyeon’s actions had provoked him. “What if she Da-Hyeon was murdered because she messed with someone else’s belongings?” he wonders. He later brushes it off as a wild theory, but Si-Heon is bothered by his words.

The truth is revealed

He heads back to Jun-Hee, and admits that he is beginning to believe her time travel story. Si-Heon asks about Jun-Hee’s life in the future, saying he wants to learn more about “the person he likes the most”. Embarrassed, he decides to get a drink, leaving Jun-Hee alone in his room. She discovers his sketch pad, and begins to admire his drawings.

She then finds the sketch of the running girl that she saw in Yeon-Jun’s studio, and realizes that it is a sketch of her from that day at the park. When Si-Heon returns, an emotional Jun-Hee exclaims that: “You were Koo Yeon-Jun all along.” Before either of them can do anything else, Jun-Hee is woken up in 2023 by her friend Na-Eun.

A Time Called You Episode 7 Recap

Jun-Hee immediately runs to the café owned by Min-Ju’s uncle, and asks him whether Si-Heon had been living all these years as Yeon-Jun, the way she had lived in the body of Min-Ju back in 1998. Before the uncle can answer her, they are interrupted by the mystery man who finally reveals himself to Jun-Hee. Jun-Hee is shocked to see him, and demands to know if he is Si-Heon or Yeon-Jun.

A second time traveler

We then cut to 2002, where we see Si-Heon returning to Korea after studying in the US. He heads to a prison, revealing that he is there to visit In-Gyu. However, a guard tells him that In-Gyu refuses to meet him. Si-Heon later boards a bus, and begins listening to the cassette that Min-Ju gave him. As Gather My Tears by Seo Ji-Won plays, he recalls the happy moments he spent with ‘Min-Ju’ in the past. He falls asleep just as the bus gets into an accident.

Si-Heon is brought to the hospital, and it appears to die. But his heart suddenly begins beating again, and he opens his eyes. We then cut to a week later, when he wakes up in a hospital bed. Two women are there by his bedside, and they call him “Yeon-Jun”, telling him that he was in a coma following a car accident.

Somehow Si-Heon has travelled to the year 2007, and has woken up as 18-year-old Yeon-Jun. A stunned Si-Heon realizes that everything Jun-Hee had told him in the past was real. He later has a flashback of how he found In-Gyu holding Min-Ju’s dead body. Si-Heon asked In-Gyu what happened, and In-Gyu replied: “I killed her.”

‘Yeon-Jun’ later returns to Noksan and finds the record store is closing down. He then runs into Min-Ju’s uncle, who recognizes him as Si-Heon. He tells him about his situation, and the two regret not believing Jun-Hee’s story back then. The uncle tells him that he decided to open a café in Seoul, based upon what Jun-Hee had said when she was Min-Ju.

Si-Heon later tries to find Jun-Hee at her college, but is unsuccessful. He miraculously runs into her at a convenience store. The two stare at each other in silence as the scene ends.

Our opinion

This episode was an emotional rollercoaster, with so many new developments. Now that we know that Si-Heon was really Yeon-Jun all this while, why did he decide to keep his identity a secret from Jun-Hee? Who killed Da-Hyeon, and is it really Min-Ju’s attacker? And did In-Gyu really kill Min-Ju as he claimed?

Join us as we explore the next episode of A Time Called You!

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