STRAY KIDS are ambassadors for Tommy Hilfiger Fall campaign

In a groundbreaking move, US fashion label Tommy Hilfiger has chosen K-pop boy group STRAY KIDS to represent their brand. The group have been appointed Asian ambassadors for their highly-anticipated Fall 2023 campaign, Always Together.

Teaser photos and videos for the campaign show STRAY KIDS members Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N wearing the brand’s “everyday essentials”. The group’s Tommy Hilfiger campaign is also featured in Vogue Korea.

The Tommy Hilfiger campaign website says the group wore “lightweight pieces from the essential prep wardrobe” while preparing for their first world tour. It adds that STRAY KIDS’ members “are always together and support each other, representing how modern families can be defined in ways beyond tradition.”

Check out Vogue Korea‘s photos of STRAY KIDS Tommy Hilfiger campaign below:

New achievement for STRAY KIDS

STRAY KIDS have consistently made waves in the music industry since their debut. Group members contribute their talents by writing lyrics, composing music, and producing tracks that showcase their unique musical style. They also topped the US Billboard 200 chart three times consecutively with their latest full-length album, 5-STAR.

The group will make their MTV VMAs debut on Sept 12, 2023 ET, performing their hit S-Class onstage. The group are also up for the Best K-pop award alongside AESPA, BLACKPINK, FIFTY FIFTY, SEVENTEEN and TXT.

About the Tommy Hilfiger campaign

Always Together embodies an inspiring and inclusive theme that perfectly aligns with Tommy Hilfiger’s core values. This campaign stands out by featuring real families and friends, creating a warm and liberating atmosphere that is unmistakably Tommy Hilfiger. It promises to present a natural and unprecedented campaign pictorial that will leave a lasting impact.

The star-studded campaign includes some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. This includes singer-songwriter Quincy Jones, pop sensation Caesar, models Paloma Elsesser, Amber Valletta, and music-modelling duo Devon and Steve Aoki.

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