NEWJEANS’ HAERIN cover of AKMU’s Love Lee wows fans

ADOR just released a sensational YouTube video that features NEWJEANS’ Haerin performing a cover of AKMU’s hit, Love Lee. Uploaded on September 12, 2023, this K-pop cover has already over 120,000 viewers.

For K-pop enthusiasts, cover songs offer a unique lens through which to experience beloved tracks anew. Haerin’s rendition of Love Lee exemplifies this, as she infuses the song with her distinct style while honouring AKMU’s original masterpiece.

Haerin’s Unique Interpretation

In the video, Haerin explains her approach to the cover. She aimed to encapsulate the “fresh and popping vibe” of AKMU’s original while blending in her unique flair. A self-proclaimed AKMU fan, Haerin revealed she frequently enjoys their music and aspires for her cover to serve as an enjoyable, easy-going experience for her audience.

NEWJEANS’ Cover Strategy

Following Danielle’s cover of BTS V’s Rainy Days on August 30, it appears that each NEWJEANS member will have the opportunity to spotlight their vocal talents through individual covers. This strategic move by ADOR amplifies each member’s unique abilities, setting the stage for a more diversified NEWJEANS portfolio.

Watch NEWJEANS’ HAERIN cover AKMU’s Love Lee below:

This innovative approach by ADOR not only showcases the individual talents within NewJeans but also adds a fresh layer to the ever-evolving world of K-pop covers. So, what do you think Minji, Hyein, and Hanni will bring to the table next? Keep the conversation going by following us on social media @ FACEBOOK | TWITTER (X) | INSTAGRAM

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