5 reasons to watch black comedy-thriller The Kidnapping Day

The Kidnapping Day tells the story of clumsy kidnapper Kim Myeong-Jun, who decides to capture a child genius for ransom. He accidentally hits the girl, Choi Ro-Hee, with his car and decides to take her home. The accident causes Ro-Hee to lose her memory, and she assumes Myeong Jun is her father. Amidst all that, there are some unexpected deaths that arise, and the two must work together to solve them.

The K-drama, produced by AStory, is based on the novel of the same name by Jung Hae-Yeon, and stars Yoon Kye-Sang, Park Sung-Hoon, Kim Shin-Rok and child actor Yoo Na.

The black comedy thriller will be available on Prime Video in Malaysia and more than 240 countries and territories worldwide. The 12-episode series premieres today on Sept 13, 2023 with new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday. Check out why you don’t want to miss out on the series below.

1. It’s a Multi-Genre Adventure

5 reasons to watch black comedy-thriller The Kidnapping Day

The Kidnapping Day centers around clumsy kidnapper Kim Myeong-Jun (Yoon Kye-Sang) who abducts child genius Choi Ro-Hee (Yoo Na). However, things don’t go according to plan and the pair end up coming across murders and mysteries. If you enjoy a multi-faceted drama, you’ll definitely want to go on this multi-genre adventure.

2. It Has a Great Original Story & Message

5 reasons to watch black comedy-thriller The Kidnapping Day

The Kidnapping Day is based on a hit novel of the same name. Director Park Yu-Young explained some differences between the novel and the series saying: “The original novel focuses on detective Park Sang-Yun after the first third and becomes more investigative. Making it a 12-episode series, we were able to expand upon characters and their stories. For our series, we focused on the chemistry between Kim Myeong-Jun and Choi Ro-Hee. The focus was on the comedy and humanistic elements that come from their relationship.”

3. The Heartwarming Father-Daughter Chemistry

Yoon Kye Sang and Yoo Na

The heart of the series lies within the relationship between Kim Myeong-Jun and Choi Ro-Hee. Ro-Hee experiences memory loss and mistakes Myeong-Jun as her father. They quickly become like a family as a result. We can’t wait to see how the father-daughter chemistry between Yoon Kye-Sang and Yoo Na plays out on screen.

4. The Kidnapping Day Has a Rising Child Actor

Yoo Na

Speaking of Yoo Na, the rising child actor beat out around 500 contenders for her role. Director Park Yu-Young said: “Child actors usually play supporting characters or younger versions of main characters. In our case, a child actor is a main character.” He discussed the audition process and shared: “The audition process was very lengthy with 5 rounds. There were about 12 people left in the last round, including Yoo Na. The special thing about Yoo Na was that she didn’t feel like a stereotypical actor who learned how to act.” Yoo Na is definitely a young actor to keep an eye on!

5. The Actors Themselves Are Fans

The Kidnapping Day cast praise child co-star at press conference

You know a story is good when the actors become fans themselves. All the actors shared how much they loved the script and really wanted to be a part of the series. Park Sung-Hoon said: “I had work in Japan, so I read the script on a plane but I read through it really quickly. It was so interesting that as soon as I landed in Japan, I called and said I would do it.” Yoon Kye-Sang added: “The script was so fun and the setup was interesting. The twist is really great.” Likewise, Kim Shin-Rok talked about how she enjoyed reading the script and was thankful to work on the series. It definitely sounds like a series you don’t want to sleep on!

Don’t miss out on the multi-genre adventure! Watch The Kidnapping Day now, only on Prime Video!

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