Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 9-10

Episode 9 of Behind Your Touch is a picnic basket of emotions, suspense, and revelations, making it a must-watch for fans of the series. The episode kicks off with the tension of election day in Mujin, where Ju-Man is the centre of attention.

Ye-Bun finds herself at the police station, where she learns that Kwang-Shik and Ae-Ran won’t face severe punishment. She and Jong-Mook engage in some casual trash talk about Jang-Yeol, unaware that he’s listening and not amused. The tension escalates when Ye-Bun meets Ae-Ran’s co-worker, Ji-Suk, and fills her in on the latest drama, unknowingly setting off a chain of events that leads to a life-or-death situation.

Chased by a killer

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 9 - Ye-Bun and Ji-Sul encounter the serial killer.

Ae-Ran and Kwang-Shik find themselves in a precarious situation when they’re confronted by a menacing thug and the café owner. Ji-Suk, who happens to walk by, becomes a point of contention between Kwang-Shik and Ye-Bun, leading to further complications. The episode takes a darker turn when Ye-Bun and Ji-Suk find themselves targeted by the town’s hooded serial killer. A thrilling chase ensues, culminating in a shocking and tragic outcome.

Meanwhile, the episode delves into the complicated relationships between the characters. Jong-Mook’s ambiguous relationship with Hyun-Ok takes a new turn, raising questions about his true intentions. Mr. Park, the local spiritual guru, finds himself in a tight spot when his credibility is questioned. Da-Eun’s brother, who has been following Ok-Hui, reveals his motivations, leading to a romantic moment that adds a touch of sweetness to the otherwise intense episode.

Too many suspects

Ye-Bun and Jang-Yeol find themselves on a quest to identify the killer, who they suspect might also have psychic abilities. Their investigation leads them to a list of suspects, but with Ye-Bun’s hand injured, they’re at a disadvantage.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers scrambling to start the next chapter. Sun-Woo, who has been a puzzling character throughout the series, emerges as a potential suspect, adding another twist to the plot. Ye-Bun finds herself in a dangerous situation, and her decision to lie about her whereabouts to Jang-Yeol raises the stakes even higher.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 9 - Is Sun-Woo the killer?

Episode 10 of Behind Your Touch picks up with Sun-Woo taking out a knife in his workshop, sending Jang-Yeol into high alert. However, it turns out to be a false alarm as Sun-Woo merely slices an apple, although Jang-Yeol remains sceptical.

Who will be the next victim?

Ye-Bun and Ok-Hui visit a flower shop where Ye-Bun places marigolds at the site of Ji-Suk’s death. The conversation turns to the mysterious psychic killer, leading Ok-Hui to ponder if she might be the next target.

At the police station, Mi-Ran grows suspicious of Jang-Yeol’s activities, sensing that he’s conducting a parallel investigation. Jang-Yeol, Ye-Bun, and Kwang-Shik convene to strategize, using a whiteboard to lay out the facts of the case. Jong-Mook, meanwhile, delves into the failed redevelopment plans of Mujin, uncovering a shady past involving Ju-Man and former assemblyman Yoon Deok-Hyeon.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 10 - Jong-Mook investigates a political figure.

Disturbing revelations

The episode takes a festive turn with the Mujin prawn festival, where the team plans to catch the killer. The strategy involves Kwang-Shik offering free massages, with the idea that the killer would decline. Ye-Bun, concealed in a booth, would then use her psychic abilities to read the suspect. The festival serves as the backdrop for various subplots, including Ok-Hui’s romantic escapade with Yong-Myeong and Jong-Mook’s awkward attempts to win a stuffed bear for Hyun-Ok.

The festival also becomes a stage for revelations. Ye-Bun’s psychic readings uncover a range of secrets, from Mi-Ran’s deleted comments to Dr. Jung’s clandestine recordings. However, the most shocking revelation comes when Ye-Bun reads Ju-Man’s memories, implicating him in her mother’s mysterious death.

The episode culminates in a tense moment where Kwang-Shik reads Mr. Park’s memories, revealing that he was present at the barn on the night of the meteor shower. Intriguingly, Sun-Woo also appears in the memory!

Behind Your Touch continues to excel in storytelling, character development, and suspense. Episode 10 serves as a pivotal point in the series, tying together various storylines while setting the stage for an explosive climax.

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