Fans love seeing how close BTS’ V and IU are on Palette show

Fans can’t stop talking about the heartwarming interactions between BTS member V and singer IU in the latest episode of her IU Palette YouTube show. V, also known as Kim Taehyung, appeared as the show’s special guest on Sept 12, 2023 to promote his album Layover. The episode was recorded prior to the album’s launch on Sept 8.

Throughout the IU Palette episode, fans were amazed by their close and friendly relationship. At the beginning, the two stars addressed each other formally using honorifics, but eventually transitioned to more casual speech.

Both IU and V are longtime friends, and are used to speaking freely to each other. V noted that they first became close through a shared love of music, and that they “talk so easily to each other” about the subject.

Fans love seeing how close BTS' V and IU are on Palette show

IU discusses Layover album

IU remarked that Layover will surprise fans who were unfamiliar with V’s taste in music, which includes Jazz and Classical tracks. V agreed, saying that fans might compare it to his ‘flashier’ performances with BTS. IU pointed out that the “tone of voice he uses as a member of BTS” is different from the tone he uses in his album.

They also discussed the concepts of the music videos for Love Me Again and Rainy Days. IU asked V how satisfied he was with the album, and he answered: “About 90%”, which surprised her. She then asked: “What’s the 10% that you regret?” and he replied: “The fact that I don’t have any big dance moves [on the album]”.

The two then joked that V’s next album would be a dance-centric one, with V saying: “I should burn the dance floor next time!”

Fun interactions between IU and V

Both IU and V spoke about V’s music career and his plans for the future, and even played a few fun games together. IU even got V to perform some cute aegyo poses just before the musical performances, where they sang each other’s songs.

V and IU

V performed his track Slow Dancing, and both he and IU did a duet of her track Ending Switch. IU then gave her own rendition of his track Love Me Again, with V standing up and dancing along to her performance. V also praised the skill of IU’s Palette band members at performing the music to accompany them.

V and IU performing on Palette

Fans praise IU and V

The IU Palette episode was a hit with both UENAs and BTS ARMYs, as fans could not get enough of the close friendship between V and IU. They wrote in the comments under the video:

  • “I liked that they dared to be informal, they are young! Good choice of songs, both sang spectacularly.”
  • “V look comfortable and was able to be mischievous with IU. We were able to see how grounded V is as an artist and how impressed he was with the band. I’m so happy to see that V is able to pursue music the way he wants to and is able to portray his color and voice with this album.”
  • “I love their voices harmonizing together. It’s true what IU says, that Taehyung’s voice is perfect to duet with any kind of voice whether male or female.”
  • “I just got goosebumps listening to their harmonious voices…how well their voice blend and sound together.”
  • “This was such a fun episode. Loved the playful energy and frankness between IU and Tae.”
  • “Thank you for being nice to our Taehyung and supporting him. IU, you’re such a good interviewer and it was really fun watching [your] interactions with each other.”

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