K-pop News 120923: BOYNEXTDOOR, BTS V, EL7Z UP and More

Here is our roundup of K-pop news that is making waves on September 12, 2023:

BOYNEXTDOOR secure first music show win

K-pop News 120923: BOYNEXTDOOR

On September 4, BOYNEXTDOOR made waves with their eagerly-awaited comeback, releasing the album WHY.., which features the standout title track But Sometimes. Fast forward to September 12, and the boy group has already clinched their first-ever music show win on SBS MTV’s The Show.

The competition was fierce, with Kim Se-Jeong’s Top or Cliff and Lee Chae-Yeon’s Let’s Dance rounding out the top three nominees. Yet, BOYNEXTDOOR emerged victorious, taking home the coveted trophy for their recent hit.

This landmark win marks a significant milestone for BOYNEXTDOOR, as it’s their first music show victory since their debut. To celebrate this win, the group released a performance music video for But Sometimes.

The MV show the group performing in diverse settings, from a bathhouse to the streets, capturing the emotional turmoil that follows a breakup.

BTS V’s ‘Blue’ MV: A Journey Through Melancholy and Record-Breaking Sales

K-pop News 120923: BTS V

Next up in K-pop news, BTS V has unveiled the full music video for Blue, the second track from his solo album Layover. The song paints a vivid tapestry of melancholy and solitude, enriched by a layer of chic aesthetics. In the MV, V is seen driving towards a modernist apartment, encapsulating the essence of solitude. Notably, Layover has set a new record as the highest-selling album by a solo artist based on first-day sales, according to Hanteo Chart.

Youngji of KARA Makes Solo Debut with L.O.V.E MV

Ex-KARA member Youngji, drops ‘L.O.V.E,’ the lead track from her debut solo album ‘Toi Toi Toi. The MV follows Youngji as she navigates her way towards love, capturing the essence of her new musical journey.

EL7Z UP Teases 7+UP Mini Album: A Medley of Upcoming Hits

EL7Z UP has released a highlight medley for their debut mini album 7+UP, giving fans a preview of their upcoming tracks, including Die For You, Cheeky, Undercover, Hideaway, and Cloud 9. The album is set to drop on September 14.

CIGNATURE release Smooth Sailing MV: A Poolside Confession of Love

CIGNATURE has released their performance music video for Smooth Sailing, the title track of their 4th mini album Us in the Summer. The MV shows CIGNATURE members in an empty pool, embodying the bravery needed to confess to a crush.

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