Shin Min-Ah and Kim Young-Dae to star in hilarious new rom-com

Good news for K-drama enthusiasts, TVING has confirmed Shin Min-Ah and Kim Young-Dae for the rom-com, Because I Want No Loss (literal title). This casting was announced on Sept 13, 2023. Fans of the actors were thrilled by the news, which is also promising for rom-com K-drama fans.

The lead cast and plot insights

Shin Min-Ah and Kim Young-Dae will play the leads in this eagerly-awaited drama. Penned by Her Private Life writer Kim Hye Young, Because I Want No Loss has a unique premise. The story revolves around a woman who orchestrates a fake marriage to safeguard her financial interests. The man she hires to play her new ‘husband’ is hapless part-time worker who is a chance acquaintance.

Shin Min-Ah steps into the character of Son Hae-Young, a woman with an unwavering aversion to financial loss. Her life takes a rather unconventional turn when she risks missing out on a promotion at her workplace. Her solution? A well-planned fake marriage.

Kim Young-Dae portrays Kim Ji-Wook, a night shift part-timer at a local convenience store. He is known for his upstanding character, and even serves as a civilian police officer. One day, Hae-Young, a customer with whom he feels particularly incompatible, presents him with an improbable proposition. Ji-Wook reluctantly agrees to assume the role of her fake groom, balancing his new identity with his part time job.

The production team’s vision

This will be the first time that Shin Min-Ah and Kim Young-Dae will play opposite each other. It was reported that actor Lee Jong-Won was in talks to play Ji-Wook, before Kim Young-Dae was cast.

The production team behind Because I Want No Loss has an exciting vision for the drama. They describe it as a romantic comedy that viewers can enjoy without the need for intricate analysis. It promises a refreshing escape, offering relatable storytelling and authentic charm that appeals to a wide audience.

Producers also revealed that Because I Want No Loss is set to air next year. Viewers can look forward to a heartwarming and entertaining experience. Stay tuned for updates on what promises to be a delightful journey into the world of fake marriages, financial prudence, and unexpected connections.

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