A Time Called You Episode 10 Recap

This review contains spoilers for Episode 10 of A Time Called You

In the last episode, Jun-Hee and Si-Heon were finally reunited, and we learnt the true nature of the time paradox. However, the murders from 1998 remain unsolved, and it’s clear that the two need to uncover the identity of the killer? Will they be able to find out the truth at last?

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The search for the killer begins

Si-Heon tells Jun-Hee that In-Gyu confessed to Min-Ju’s murder. She refuses to believe it, as she knows “In-Gyu would never do that”. Si-Heon says that ever since he watched In-Gyu die, he has been trying to find the truth behind Min-Ju’s death. Jun-Hee tells him she will return to 1998 to stop Min-Ju from being killed. She plays the cassette, but wakes up in 2023, having failed to time travel.

She and Si-Heon visit Min-Ju’s uncle at his café. They realize that if the same person killed Da-Hyeon and Min-Ju back in 1998, something stopped them from killing anyone else after that. They decide to investigate events from that year to find out if anything significant took place.

Si-Heon returns to the high school in Noksan and meets his old class teacher. The teacher remembers a student was admitted to a psychiatric hospital soon after the murders, but is unable to recall his name. They locate the file of the student, whose name was Oh Chan-Hui. Si-Heon is shocked to see that the boy resembles Chan-Yeong.

At her apartment, Jun-Hee researches the murders online, and is interrupted by a visit from Chan-Yeong. An unsuspecting Jun-Hee tells him of her experiences back in 1998, but he doesn’t seem to believe her. She then shows him the cassette player which allowed her to return to the past. Chan-Yeong distracts Jun-Hee by asking if she could make them both some coffee.

The bad seed

Through a flashback, we discover that he is actually Oh Chan-Hui’s younger brother. As a child, he discovered Chan-Hui’s stolen photos of ‘Min-Ju’, and seemed fascinated by her. He told his brother that he should ‘preserve’ her like a butterfly specimen so that she could be his forever. Chan-Hui seemed disturbed by the suggestion, and told Chan-Yeong that friends should be cherished and not harmed.

In the present day, Chan-Yeong notices Si-Heon trying to call Jun-Hee on her phone, and rejects it while she isn’t looking. Si-Heon himself is on the way to her apartment, after discovering that Chan-Yeong is Chan-Hui’s brother. He calls Min-Ju’s uncle to tell him of his findings, saying he believes that Chan-Hui is the killer.

At the apartment, Jun-Hee finds Chan-Yeong has fallen asleep while listening to the tape. She wakes him up, but he claims he just fell asleep. Chan-Yeong thanks her, saying that he now knows what happened to him and his brother “back then”. He then attacks Jun-Hee, choking her into unconsciousness.

We then learn that while listening to the tape, he time-travelled back to 1998, waking up in his brother’s body on the night of Min-Ju’s attack. It turns out his brother actually saved Min-Ju when she was almost hit by the taxi. Now in control of his brother’s body, Chan-Yeong attacks her, striking her on the head with an iron rod when she attempts to escape. He was about to finish her off when Jun-Hee woke him up. At that moment, Si-Heon returns, and Chan-Yeong hides in the next room. Si-Heon discovers Jun-Hee on the floor and calls emergency services.

An unexpected death

Chan-Yeong then pretends to have stumbled upon the scene, but Si-Heon is not so easily fooled. He sees the cassette player hidden in Chan-Yeong’s pocket, and realizes he was the one who killed Min-Ju and Da-Hyeon in the past. The two fight, and Chan-Yeong confesses to the crimes while stabbing Si-Heon, adding that “everything is Jun-Hee’s fault”. He escapes just before emergency services arrives, taking the cassette player and Min-Ju’s diary with him. Overcome by his wounds, Si-Heon dies.

Later, Chan-Yeong uses the cassette to return to 1998, returning to the moment after he attacked Min-Ju. He then leaves the scene, as ‘Chan-Hui’.

We then see Jun-Hee at the morgue, crying over Si-Heon’s corpse. As Min-Ju’s uncle looks on, she begs Si-Heon to return to her, saying that “it wasn’t supposed to end like this”. She tells Min-Ju’s uncle that they need to find Chan-Yeong so that she can use the cassette tape to return to the past and save Si-Heon.

A Time Called You Episode 10 Recap

Back in 1998, ‘Chan-Hui’ is stalking ‘Min-Ju’, now recognizing her as Jun-Hee. He returns home, and his mother tells him that Chan-Yeong has killed the family dog. She asks ‘Chan-Hui’ to talk to him. ‘Chan-Hui’ tells Chan-Yeong that he shouldn’t change, and that they are both “special people”. Chan-Yeong is confused, and ‘Chan-Hui’ says that when the time comes, he will understand what he means.

He advises Chan-Yeong to hide himself for now, and to not let others know how “special” he is. He also tells Chan-Yeong that he is looking for his own ‘butterfly specimens’, and invites him to tag along.

Meeting Oh Chan-Hui

In 2023, Jun-Hee and Min-Ju’s uncle visit Chan-Hui in the psychiatric hospital. The nurse warns them about his frail condition. Jun-Hee asks if he remembers what happened to his classmate Min-Ju in 1998. The question appears to disturb Chan-Hui, and he admits that he was listening when they first “caught a specimen”.

Through a flashback, we see that ‘Chan-Hui’ brought Chan-Yeong to the school the night he captured Da-Hyeon. He forced Chan-Yeong to hold a flashlight while he chloroformed the helpless girl. In the present day, Chan-Hui is overwhelmed by the memory, confessing that he wanted to help, but was unable to. He looks at Jun-Hee and begins calling her ‘Min-Ju’.

We then see a memory of ‘Chan-Hui’ and Min-Ju. She lets him inject something into her neck, tears running down her face. The older Chan-Hui frantically tells Jun-Hee that “they” forced him to hurt her. Jun-Hee and Min-Ju’s uncle realize that the killer was Chan-Yeong, using his brother’s body. Jun-Hee is overcome with emotion when she realizes that by telling Chan-Yeong her story, she showed him how to travel back in time to commit the murders.

Just then, she gets a call from the police telling her that they have arrested Chan-Yeong. At the police station, she learns that the cassette player was damaged during the process. Just then, Chan-Yeong is brought out in handcuffs, and she tearfully demands to know why he did all this. To her shock, he tells her that she is the real cause of Min-Ju’s murder.

Our opinion

The twists in this episode left us with our jaws on the floor. While we had our suspicions about Chan-Yeong, we were still shocked by the revelation of how he committed the murders. Now that the tape has been damaged, will Jun-Hee be able to return to the past and save everyone? And what did Chan-Yeong mean when he said that everything was her fault?

Join us as we explore the next episode of A Time Called You!

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