Kim Hieora School Bullying Controversy: A Complete Timeline

South Korean entertainment has been shaken by a wave of bullying scandals in recent years, with the latest involving actress Kim Hieora, known for her roles in The Glory and The Uncanny Counter.

Who is Kim Hieora?

Kim Hieora in a scene from The Glory.

Kim Hieora, born on March 18, 1989, is a South Korean actress who gained prominence for her role as Lee Sa-ra in the drama series The Glory. She initially stepped into the entertainment industry in 2009 with the musical Jack the Ripper. Over the years, she has built a diverse portfolio, including roles in television series like Beyond Evil, Hospital Playlist 2, Bad and Crazy, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The Scandal Breaks: September 2023

In September 2023, right after the conclusion of the second season of The Uncanny Counter, in which Kim was a part of the ensemble cast, allegations of school bullying surfaced against her. The actress was accused of being a member of a notorious middle school gang known for bullying. Kim acknowledged her passive involvement but refuted claims of active participation in bullying activities.

September 6: Dispatch Drops a Bombshell

On this day, Dispatch, a South Korean media outlet, released an exhaustive report accusing Kim Hieora of being a part of an infamous school bullying group called Big Sangji during her time at Sangji Girls’ Middle School. The group was notorious for extortion, assault, and verbal abuse. Victims alleged that Kim was not just a bystander but an active participant who sent them on errands and extorted money.

In her defence, Kim clarified that Big Sangji was an online community she was part of, not a bullying group. She also admitted to being a bystander but denied any direct involvement in bullying. Her agency, Gram Entertainment, issued an apology and stated that an official response was in the works. Consequently, her scheduled appearance on SNL Korea Season 4 was cancelled.

September 7: Gram Entertainment Fights Back

Kim Hieora’s agency released a detailed statement, vehemently denying the allegations. They stated that they would take strong legal action against those spreading false information about Kim. The agency clarified that Big Sangji was an online community and not a bullying group, as portrayed by Dispatch.

Dispatch released another report, this time including a transcript of a phone call between Kim and an alleged victim, further complicating the matter. Kim’s agency responded by stating that the incident was a personal matter and not repeated bullying or assault. They also announced plans for legal action against Dispatch for damaging their artist’s reputation.

The agency announced strong legal measures against Dispatch and other media outlets spreading false information. They accused Dispatch of maliciously editing conversations and coercing Kim during interviews.

September 13: Dispatch’s Persistent Reporting

According to a new report by Dispatch, Kim Hieora had apologized to the alleged victims, some of whom she met in person. Gram Entertainment responded by stating that they were preparing a legal response.

September 14: Kim Hieora’s Partial Admission

In a recent interview with Dispatch, Kim Hieora indirectly admitted to extorting money from her schoolmates but continued to deny allegations of violence and bullying. She regretted her past actions but insisted she had no involvement in any significant bullying incidents.

Public Reaction

The public’s opinion remains divided. Some netizens are questioning Dispatch’s motives, while others continue to criticize Kim Hieora. Her agency has also released an unedited version of the phone conversation to counter Dispatch’s claims.

As the scandal continues to unfold, both sides are gearing up for legal battles. The court of public opinion remains divided, and the future of Kim Hieora’s career hangs in the balance. With legal proceedings on the horizon, only time will tell how this complex saga will finally resolve.

The Kim Hieora school bullying controversy has become a convoluted web of allegations, denials, and legal threats, leaving the public eagerly waiting for the final act of this drama.

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