RED VELVET’s Future in limbo as Irene reconsiders SM Contract

RED VELVET has successfully navigated the perilous ‘seven-year curse’ that often spells doom for K-pop groups. The group celebrated their 9th anniversary this past August. However, as they inch closer to a decade in the industry, the group’s future with SM Entertainment is becoming increasingly murky.

The Fair Trade Commission in South Korea mandates a seven-year limit on exclusive K-pop contracts, giving rise to the notorious ‘seven-year curse.’ Despite never making a formal announcement about their initial contract renewal, RED VELVET has remained active well past this critical juncture. But as they approach their 10th anniversary, the group’s relationship with SM Entertainment is under scrutiny.

Is this the end?

The conversation around RED VELVET’s contract renewal gained momentum when Seulgi confirmed her contract extension with SM Entertainment. This shifted the spotlight to the other members, particularly Irene, who is reportedly reevaluating her contract renewal options.

Red Velvet's Future Hangs in Balance Amid Irene's Contract Renewal Saga
Red Velvet’s Future Hangs in Balance Amid Irene’s Contract Renewal Saga

This news has understandably stirred apprehension among the group’s dedicated fanbase, the ReVeluvs. Star News Korea has reported that the hiatus in RED VELVET’s group activities since their June 2023 R to V concert in London could be linked to the uncertainty surrounding Irene’s contract renewal. This speculation has intensified, given that the group hasn’t released any new music since December 2022 … Despite promising a third full album during an August livestream.

Red Velvet's R to V tour was the last group event

Fans see red

Adding to the tension, SM Entertainment has remained tight-lipped about not just Irene’s contract status but also that of Wendy, Joy, and Yeri. This silence has angered RED VELVET fans, who accuse the company of leveraging media pressure to coerce Irene into a new contract. The situation highlights broader concerns about the tactics employed by some South Korean entertainment agencies. SM’s contentious history with its artists serving as a focal point for ongoing debates. will keep fans updated as the situation progresses. In the meantime, you might like:

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