BTS’ V mesmerizes at Tiny Desk Korea with solo debut

BTS’ V made his triumphant return to the Tiny Desk stage, this time performing as a solo artist on the Korean edition of the concert series. V’s highly-anticipated appearance on the Sept 15, 2023 broadcast of Tiny Desk Korea left fans awestruck by his remarkable talent.

V performed his tracks Love Me Again, Slow Dancing and For Us, off his debut solo album Layover. Fans praised him for showing his multifaceted side on the stage, backed by a 7-member Jazz band. V, also known as Kim Taehyung, previously appeared on the original Tiny Desk stage with his group BTS.

Speaking to the audience during his performance, V said that he filled Layover with songs that “evoke a sense of fleeting tranquility”. He expressed deep affection for the album, which he described as a true reflection of himself and his musical vision. He also dedicated a heartfelt message to his devoted fanbase, ARMY. V promised to repay their unwavering support with his best efforts.

The intimate atmosphere, combined with a live band session, allowed fans to experience V’s music in a cozy and emotional setting. The performance premiered on U+ Mobile TV and Tiny Desk Korea‘s official YouTube channel, captivating viewers worldwide.

Check out the performance by BTS member V on Tiny Desk Korea below:

V breaks new record with Layover

Since its release on Sept 8, Layover has shattered numerous records, showcasing V’s immense popularity and influence. It sold an astonishing 1.67 million copies on its first day, breaking the record for the highest first-week sales of any solo album in Hanteo history. The previous record-holder, V’s BTS bandmate Jimin, saw his solo debut album FACE sell 1.45 million copies in its first week.

Hanteo Chart recently reported that Layover has continued its phenomenal sales performance, selling an unprecedented 2.1 million copies in the first week of its release (Sept 8 to 14). This makes V the first solo artist in Hanteo history to achieve over 2 million album sales in a single week.

Even when considering group releases, his record-breaking success is undeniable. V now holds the sixth-highest first-week sales overall, following esteemed acts like STRAY KIDS, SEVENTEEN, NCT DREAM, BTS (his own group), and TXT.

V’s historic achievement is a testament to his musical prowess and the unwavering support of ARMY. Congratulations to V on this remarkable milestone! Fans can’t wait to witness more of his musical brilliance in the future!

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