Meet 2023’s Hottest K-pop Maknaes

In the K-pop world, the term Maknae (막내) signifies more than just being the youngest member of a group. These individuals often become the heart and soul of their ensembles, receiving an outpouring of love from both their teammates and fans.

Maknaes captivate audiences with their unique blend of youthful charm, playful spirit, and undeniable talent. They not only win hearts but also show remarkable potential for artistic growth.

Here, we introduce you to the Rising K-pop Maknaes who debuted in 2023 and are already making an impact:

Han Ji-Woo – 14 (4UNCE)

Han Ji-Woo, born on September 12, 2009, is a 14-year-old rapper and dancer standing at 163 cm and weighing 39 kg. Initially part of the kids’ girl group BURVEY under Kids Planet, she left in early 2022 but continues to dance for teams like 4UNCE, TRENDY, and DANCK123.

Kim Soo-Min – 15 (+KRYSTAL EYES)

Born on October 3, 2007, in Daegu, South Korea, Kim Soo-Min is a 15-year-old maknae of +KRYSTAL EYES. Her height is 157 cm. She first gained attention as the sixth member of TRIPLEs, managed by Modhaus, and later joined its subunits +KRYSTAL EYES, EVOLUTION, and ACID EYES. Currently attending Hanlim Multi Art School, her MBTI is ENTP, and she owns a 7-year-old Maltese named Yeoreum.

Yujin – 16 (ZEROBASEONE)

Yujin, also known as Han Yu-Jin, launched his career under Yuehua Entertainment. His breakout moment came in 2023 when he competed in the hit show Boys Planet, finishing in 9th place. This led to his debut with the K-pop sensation ZEROBASEONE on July 10, 2023, now under the management of WAKEONE.

Seungchae – 16 (ADYA)

Seungchae, a 16-year-old singer managed by Starting House Entertainment, is the maknae of girl group ADYA. She was officially introduced during Seoul Fashion Week and debuted with ADYA on May 9, 2023. Seungchae is celebrated for her intriguing personality and considers her eyes and dance moves as her unique charms.

Woonhak – 16 (BOYNEXTDOOR)

Woonhak, born Kim Woon-Hak, is the youngest member of the South Korean boy band BOYNEXTDOOR. A Sagittarius by birth, Woonhak is a man of many talents, including basketball and music production. Managed by KOZ Entertainment, he aspired to be a rapper and composer before finding his true calling in K-pop.

Gaeun – 17 (LIMELIGHT)

Gaeun, a 17-year-old singer and rapper, is the adorable maknae of the girl group LIMELIGHT, managed by 143 Entertainment. Initially introduced as a trainee in August 2021, she was the first member revealed for LIMELIGHT a year later. The group officially debuted on February 17, 2023, with their EP Love & Happiness.

Yechan – 17 (XIKERS)

Yechan, or Lee Yechan, is a key member of XIKERS, managed by KQ Entertainment. He serves as the main rapper and dancer, excels in sports like taekwondo and soccer, and plays the saxophone, all while being a Libra with a diverse skill set.

Anton – 19 (RIIZE)

Anton, born Lee Chan-Young, is the American-born maknae of the K-pop group RIIZE, managed by SM Entertainment. Standing tall at 186 cm, Anton is an Aries with a diverse background, including being a cellist and music producer. His initial dream was to be a professional swimmer before joining the world of K-pop.

Haneul – 18 (KISS OF LIFE)

In December 2022, Haneul made a mysterious appearance in a UK documentary about K-pop trainees, alongside Natty, Julie, Belle, and another unidentified trainee. This sparked rumours that they would be part of S2 Entertainment’s forthcoming girl group, which was later confirmed to be KISS OF LIFE. On May 18, 2023, Haneul was officially unveiled as the fourth and final member of the group. KISS OF LIFE made their debut on July 5, 2023, with their self-titled mini-album.

What do you think of our list of Rising K-pop Maknaes? Stay tuned for more updates on these rising K-pop stars! In the meantime, you might like the following stories:

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