BTS’ Suga set to enlist for military service on Sept 22

In a significant announcement, BigHit Music confirmed that BTS’ Suga will commence his mandatory military service on Sept 22, 2023. Suga will be the third member of BTS to enlist, following in the footsteps of his fellow bandmates Jin and J-Hope. This news marks another milestone in the journey of the globally renowned K-pop sensation.

A statement released by BigHit Music urged fans to “refrain from visiting Suga at his workplace” as he performs his military service. They added: “Please convey your warm regards and encouragement in your hearts only.

BigHit Music also cautioned fans against getting scammed by “unauthorized tours or package products that illegally use the artist’s intellectual property”. They concluded with” “We ask for your continued love and support for Suga until he completes his service and returns.”

What fans are saying

Fans were not surprised, as they had been expecting Suga to enlist in the military this year. In early August, BigHit Music announced that he had moved to terminate his enlistment postponement. This was seen as the first step in his preparations.

Many fans took to social media to wish Suga well, and to share their thoughts over the new development.

On Reddit, some of the comments included:

  • “Third time is still not easy. I’m going to miss him a lot. D-Day era was a wonderful gift.”
  • “The moment we’ve been dreading. But the sooner they go in the sooner they get out.”
  • “Future’s gonna be okay.”
  • “Man, I got so attached to him since the hiatus. Suchwita, his album and tour, interviews and stuff. He seemed so happy too. He’s been so active, I’m going to miss a little extra.”
  • “Serve well and be safe, Suga! He’s done so much the last year, album, and a talk show!”
  • “Doesn’t get any easier, but this is one step closer to [BTS] being back together so I’ll remain positive. Come back safely Yoongi!”

RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are also set to enlist in the coming years. BigHit Music has previously indicated that BTS members will be reuniting as a group around 2025, after fulfilling their service commitments.

As fans eagerly anticipate Suga’s return after his military service, they can reflect on his remarkable solo work in his latest studio album D-Day.

We wish Suga all the best for his upcoming military service, and look forward to seeing him back onstage once he has completed his duties!

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