Lim Young-Woong concert tickets vanish in minutes

Lim Young-Woong, the South Korean trot singer who skyrocketed to fame after winning TV Chosun’s reality show Mr. Trot, has done it again. His upcoming IM HERO 2023 tour sold out within minutes, setting new records and causing a digital stampede as 3.7 million fans tried to secure tickets.

Mulgogi Music, the singer’s agency, confirmed the overwhelming demand on Sept 15. Interpark, the auction and music company responsible for ticket sales revealed that the traffic was the heaviest they’ve ever experienced on their website.

A legion of Ahjumma fans

Interestingly, Lim Young-Woong’s fan base skews older, making the ticketing process a family affair. Many older fans rely on their children and grandchildren to navigate the digital landscape and secure tickets. The phrase “I am sorry Mom” trended in Korean, spotlighting the ticketing challenges faced even by tech-savvy youth.

In a surprising turn, an undercover Korean journalist tried to snag tickets, adding extra intrigue to this sensational tale. The journalist reportedly used both a laptop and a smartphone to log in for tickets. While they found themselves at the 160,000th position in the queue on their laptop, they had better luck on their smartphone, landing at the 1,900th spot. Ultimately, they secured tickets for the concert scheduled for October 28. This incident highlights the soaring popularity of the singer known for the hit If We Ever Meet Again.

The singer, who debuted in 2016 with the single Hate You, has become a household name … And his concerts are now must-attend events. He is also reputed to be the only Korean artist who can beat BTS in South Korea as evidenced by the record-breaking sales and overwhelming fan interest.

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