BLACKPINK finale concert fan screening lights up Kuala Lumpur

K-pop fever reached new heights as BLACKPINK wrapped up their sensational BORN PINK World Tour with a grand finale concert on Sept 17, 2023. While the blazing performances lit up the stage in Seoul, thousands of miles away in Kuala Lumpur, 200 eager Blinks gathered for an exclusive fan screening of the unforgettable show.

Malaysian Blinks sang, clapped, cheered and waved their light sticks as they witnessed the thrilling Seoul concert on the big screen. It was an unforgettable night where music, camaraderie, and the love for BLACKPINK took center stage.

The fan screening, which was organized by Wonder Glace, took place at an intimate venue in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Blinks attending the event also took home exclusive gifts such as stickers, photocards, cup sleeves and perfume samples.

BLACKPINK BORN PINK fan screening merch in Kuala Lumpur
Some of the goodies given to fans at the Kuala Lumpur BORN PINK finale fan screening. – Hallyu Beat

A night of pure K-pop bliss

BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK World Tour showcased the group’s unwavering charisma and musical prowess. The setlist featured a fusion of their latest chart-toppers from the BORN PINK album, including Pink Venom and Typa Girl alongside their hit singles How You Like That, Lovesick Girls, Kill This Love and DDU-DU DDU-DU.

BLACKPINK members Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo and Lisa also performed their respective solo songs, causing Blinks to cheer loudly each time their bias was onstage. They also witnessed the viral moment during Lisa’s solo performance, when the cameraman fell off the stage as she performed Money. They laughed and clapped as he picked himself up and left the stage, while Lisa continued without missing a beat.

The crowd in Kuala Lumpur swayed to the beats and sang along passionately, making it feel like a genuine concert experience. The resounding cheers and fan chants that echoed through the venue testified to the profound connection between BLACKPINK and their adoring fans.

Blinks share their love for the group

Hallyu Beat had the privilege of speaking with a few dedicated fans who shared their excitement and love for BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK finale concert fan screening lights up Kuala Lumpur
(from left) Syila, Ali and Awang. – Hallyu Beat

Ali, Syila and Awang from Klang

For this trio of die-hard Blinks, the fan screening was the perfect encore experience to their year of BLACKPINK performances.

“This is our second time seeing their BORN PINK concert,” said Ali. “We saw their live performance in Kuala Lumpur in March, but decided to come for this fan screening as well. This is their final performance together on the tour, and we’ve heard rumors that the group may disband after this. We’re not sure when we will ever see them perform again, so we decided we couldn’t miss it.”

Syila added: “When we saw them live, we cried because we couldn’t believe that they were right there in front of us. It was an unforgettable experience.”

Awang added: “We’ve been their fans since 2017. We could not get tickets for their last concert in Malaysia [in 2019], so we wanted to try and see them as much as possible this year.”

BLACKPINK finale concert fan screening lights up Kuala Lumpur
Irfan (left) and Reen. – Hallyu Beat

Reen from Cyberjaya, and Irfan from Pahang

Irfan traveled all the way from Pahang to watch the fan screening, and was looking forward to enjoying the concert vibes. He said: “I’ve been their fan for almost 6 years. I just love the vibes their music gives me, and their songs were my constant ‘companions’ while I was studying in school. Whenever I hear their songs on the radio, I can’t help but sing along with them.”

When asked who was their ‘bias’ in BLACKPINK, Reen and Irfan replied that they felt drawn to Rosé. Reen explained: “She can play musical instruments [as well as sing], and she is such an amazing vocalist.”

Ready for more from BLACKPINK

The fan screening was a testament to BLACKPINK’s global popularity. It was also a celebration of the unity and unwavering support of their fans worldwide. The group’s music transcends borders, and events like this bring fans together through their mutual love of music.

As BLACKPINK continues to mesmerize the world with their talent and performances, fans around the globe eagerly anticipate their next chapter. Until then, the memories of this enchanting fan screening in Kuala Lumpur will linger on, a testament to the enduring power of music and fandom.

Check out our video clip of Blinks singing along to BLACKPINK during their BORN PINK World Tour finale:

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