Fans outraged as Spotify removes data for Slow Dancing by BTS’ V

Fans of BTS member V, also known as Kim Taehyung, are outraged after Slow Dancing, the lead single off his debut album, Layover, mysteriously disappeared from Spotify’s Daily Top Songs Chart.

Slow Dancing was in the Top 20 on the chart in various countries since its release on Sept 8, 2023. However, streaming data for the song disappeared from the Daily Top Songs Chart on Sept 14. Slow Dancing returned to the chart for Sept 15, but was labelled as a “re-entry”, causing BTS fans to complain over “unfair treatment” of V and data manipulation.

Dedicated fans had been streaming the song since its release. They even organized Layover stream parties and rallied support on social media platforms. Therefore, fans find it difficult to believe that Slow Dancing could suddenly “disappear” for no reason.

BTS' V mesmerizes at Tiny Desk Korea with solo debut
A screenshot of BTS V performing songs from ‘Layover’ on Tiny Desk Korea on Sept 15, 2023.

Other issues surrounding Layover

BTS fans have taken to social media to point out the disappearance of Slow Dancing from the Daily Top Songs Chart. They are also demanding justice for V, bringing up other issues surrounding the release of Layover, including:

  • Abrupt cancellations of pre-order albums
  • Delays in CD deliveries despite months of pre-ordering
  • Insufficient promotions in foreign markets
  • A lack of playlisting for the title track

These issues, together with the missing data for Slow Dancing, have led to fans calling out what they see as “unprofessionalism” on Spotify’s part. The hashtag “Spotify Corrupt” has also been trending on X (formerly Twitter).

Data for Layover‘s other tracks, including Love Me Again, Rainy Days, For Us, and Slow Dancing Instrumental, have not been affected. This has made the issue with the data for Slow Dancing all the more obvious.

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Fans demand that Spotify respond

BTS fans are calling on Spotify to rectify these errors as they continue to support V, hoping to ensure the success of Layover amid ongoing challenges.

The ongoing saga has also highlighted the power of social media in mobilizing fan communities and advocating for change. Spotify has yet to respond, but there’s no doubt that fans will continue to scrutinize its future actions.

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