Is Minji the right face for Chanel’s anti-ageing serum?

Netizens are buzzing with opinions on whether NewJeans’ Minji is the right choice to represent Chanel’s anti-ageing skincare line. Since becoming the luxury brand’s newest ambassador, Minji has been promoting a serum designed to combat five different ageing mechanisms in the skin.

The debate focuses on 19-year-old Minji’s suitability as the face of an anti-ageing product due to her youth. On the flip side, others contend that beauty brands are wisely targeting younger consumers with their next-gen anti-ageing solutions. Advocates argue that women in their twenties are now proactive in preserving youth to delay aging signs.

The original poster of the online discussion even suggested that Chanel’s Hydra line, renowned for its moisturizing properties, might have been a more appropriate fit for Minji.

In February, Minji ascended to the role of Chanel Korea‘s sole ambassador, a first for the luxury brand. Remarkably, she’s not just the face of one division; she champions three – beauty, fashion, and watches and jewelry.

Her agency, Ador, confirmed that Chanel Korea has never before chosen a single ambassador to represent such a diverse range of categories. Adding to her list of milestones, Minji graced the cover of Elle Korea’s March edition, donning Chanel’s iconic tweed. This marked her debut as a solo cover star.

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